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Atomic Structure

  • 400


    In 400 B.C. he said that was composed of small particles called atoms.
  • Lavoisier

    Lavoisier VideoIn the 100's he made measurements of a chemicle in a sealed container. He came up with the Law of Conservation of Mass (Matter). This states that matter can't be created or destroyed.
  • Proust

    He came up with the Law of Definite Proportion, which said that a compound will always have the same composition regardless of their source.
  • Dalton

    He is considered to the father of atomic theory. He came up with the Law of Multiple Proportion. It states that combinations of the same elements can have different compunds.
  • Thomson

    Cathode rayHe did an experiment with a cathode ray and he developed the "Plum pudding" model of the atom.
  • Millikan

    Oil Drop experimentHe performed the Oil Drop experiment, and found that the mass of an electron was equal to 0.
  • Rutherford

    Gold foil ExperimentHe came up with the Gold Foild Experiment and concluded that atoms must be mostly empty space and the have to have a small, dense center called the nucleus.
  • Chadwick

    He discovered the neutron, and he said that it had a mass of 0.