Atomic Structure

  • Period: Nov 5, 1500 to

    16th Through 17th Century

  • Bacon Creates Scientific Method

    Describes an early version of the scientific method
  • Sedziwoj Proposes Oxygen

    Speaks of the "food of life" otherwise known as oxygen
  • Beguin Creates Equations

    First scientific equations are drawn in an early textbook
  • Descartes' Scientific Method

    Published book has an early outline of the scientific method
  • Boyle's Modern Ideas

    Early ideas of atoms, molecules, and chemical reactions
  • Boyle's Law

    Description on the behavior of gases with pressure and volume
  • Period: to

    18th Through 19th Century

  • Newton's Mechanical Universe

    Proposed a mechanical universe with small solid masses
  • Dalton's Atomic Theory

    Proposed an atomic theory with spherical solid atoms
  • Faraday Studies Electricity

    Studied effect of electricity on solutions; electrolysis
  • Mendeleev Arranges Elements

    Created Periodic Law; arranged elements with others
  • Stoney Discovers Electrons

    Found particles in electricity he called electrons
  • Rutherford Studies Radiation

    Called radiations from uranium and thorium alpha and beta
  • Period: to

    20th Through 21st Century

  • Einstein Creates E=MC Squared

    Creates the famous equation, E=MC Squared
  • Bohr Explains Atomic Structure

    Explains the similarities of the elements on the Periodic Table
  • Cockcroft/Walton Build

    Creates an accelerator and finds alpha particles
  • Schrodinger Views Electrons

    Viewed electrons as continuous clouds
  • Chadwick Discovers Neutrons

    Used alpha particles to find a neutral particles
  • Fermi Conducts Chain Reaction

    Conducts first controlled chain reaction from an atoms nucleus