Atomic Model Timeline

  • 400


  • 460


    created the first atomic model
  • john dalton

    proposed his modern theory of the atom
  • William Conrad Roentgen

    discovered x-rays while using cathode-ray tubes.
  • J.J. Thomson

    he discovered the plum pudding model of the atom
  • Hantaro Nagaoka

    Nagaoka developed an early, incorrect "planetary model" of the atom.
  • Ernest Marsden

    He discovered the existence of the atomic nucleus.
  • Ernest Rutherford

    Theorized that atoms have their positive charge concentrated in a very small nucleus.
  • Niels Bohr

    Presented a picture of an atomic structure.
  • Henry Moseley

    Moseley's law advanced atomic physics
  • Louis de Brogile

    He developed a theisis of important findings.
  • Erwin Schrödinger

    He generated a mathematical model for the distribution of electrons in an atom.
  • James Chadwick

    He proved the existence of neutrons.