Atom timeline

Timeline created by hgh95
  • John Dalton formed the atomic theory with spherical solid atoms

  • W.K Roentgen discovered X-rays while experimenting with cathode-ray tubes

  • Henri Becquerel discovered radioactivity when he investigated uranium and other radioactive substances.

  • The Curies discovered radium and polonium when they started to investigate radioactive substances

  • J.J Thompson discovered the electron and developed the plum-pudding model of the atom.

  • Albert Einstein developed the theory of relativity

  • Robert Millikan found out the electric charge of the electron

  • Ernest Rutherford used the results of his gold-foil experiment to state that all the mass of an atom were in a small positively-charged ball at the center of the atom.

  • Neils Bohr developed the Quantum Theory of Matter

  • Oppenheimer invented the atomic bomb