Atmosphere Timeline

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  • The New York Fire

    The New York Fire
    New York had a huge fire in Manhatten and burned all of Wall Street. Only 2 people were killed. The reason for this was because the fire started in a commercial area, rather than a residential area. A warehouse was where the fire was created. There were many goods that had been imported from all around the world that were burned to ash. The fire burned for almost 2 days and polluted the airs of NYC. 674 buildings were ruined and damages cost over 2o million dollars and years to repair.
  • Great Fire of Newscastle and Gateshead

    Great Fire of Newscastle and Gateshead
    The towns of Newcastle and Gateshead sit facing each other. The explosion occurred on the bridge that seperates the 2 cities. There were 53 deaths and swept out the riverfront cities. This explosion came from a manufactory exploson. The fire repairs were irreplaceable and were rebilt many years later. In 1854, we did not have the resources that we have today to rebuild the buildings.
  • Donora Smog

    Donora Smog
    The poisoned atmosphere of Donora, Pennslyvania killed 19 people, their deaths caused by tuberculosis, asthma and chronic heart disease. The cause of the Smog were from different industrial companies such as Donora Zinc company and others. A woman,Lois Banbridge complained in advance to the accident, but nobody listened to her until it was too late. The Clean Air Act and the Environmental Protection Agency were created following this event.
  • London's Killer Fog

    London's Killer Fog
    London's killer fog killed nearly 4000 citizens. The fog lasted 5 days and London continued to function with limits of transportation. The disaster was not man-made it was created by an anticyclone mixed with air pollutants. Many people suffered from many infections and sicknesses such as bronchitis or respiratory tract infections. The City of London(Various Powers) Act was passed in 1954. Other laws were added to reduce air pollution.
  • Castle Bravo

    Castle Bravo
    Castle Bravo was the most powerful and first nuclear explosion. On an Island called Marshall Island, the explosion occured by the US Atomic Energy Commission. Castle Bravo was known for its dry thermonuclear device because it was much lighter weight and size. The accident happened because of a simple miscalculation. After an hour and a half a Japanese fishing boat had 23 deaths from the radiation exposure. The Limited Test Ban was signed in 1963 stating that all tests must be conducted undergrou
  • Atomic Energy Act

    Atomic Energy Act
    A federal law created by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. This law basically enhances the use of nuclear industry. This act controls the use of atomic energy. Air pollution is less likely to occur with saftey on stomic energy.
  • Kyshtym Disaster

    Kyshtym Disaster
    The Mayak plant was the plant that exploded. This happened on a plutonium site for nuclear weapons. It occurred in the Soviet Union. The SOviet Union was very behind US for nuclear weapon race, so their need to succeed basically caused this accident.
  • Ecocide-Vietnam

    This event occurred in vietnam. Herbicides were spread throught the rain forest of Southeast Asia and killed many humans. There were many effects from this accident such as many acres of farmland destoryed and people killed. The repiar took millions of dollars and lots of repair. The Wall Street Journal counted 500,00 children born with carbon dioxide deformities.
  • Emissions Testing

    Emissions Testing
    Cars were producing some sort of unhealthy fog that was damaging to people around cars and the environment. California was the first the initiate this issue. In thr 60's they realized that it was not just a local problem, but a national problem. In 1966, the emissions testing spread throughout the country. Cars began being made without the smog that damageed the environment and was created to be healthier. Today emissions testing is still used.
  • Torrey Canyon

    Torrey Canyon
    Torrey Canyon was an oil spill in the ocean. This disaster also applies to hydrosphere, but it is also atmospheric because after the oil spill, they tried blowing up all the oil before it spread only causing not only water pollution, but air pollution! The oil spill occurred on the southwest coast of UK. The navy and air force are responsible for the bombing of the oil. People on the tanker and animals suffered from this spill and explosion. This created the International Convention for the Pre
  • Clean Air Act

    Clean Air Act
    Where? United States
    Is it a US law or treaty? US law in 1970, but other countires such as United Kingdom and New Zealand also have a similar law.
    What environmental issue is affected by this law? The law is addressed to acid rain, ozone depletion, air pollution to ensure environmental protection.
    What agency is responsible? Environmental Protection Agency.
    Goal of this law? An act to improve, protect and strengthen programs for the prevention of air pollution.
    Law was editted i 1977 & 1990.
  • Door to Hell

    Door to Hell
    A natural gas field has been found burning since 1971 when it was discovered in Derweze, Turkmenistan. The fire is reported to be 66 feet deep and 200 ft in width. There was no company responsible, it is natural. There were no laws passed for this event.
  • Seveso Dioxin Cloud

    Seveso Dioxin Cloud
    In the little town on Seveso just norht of Milan a thick white cloud began to spread killing animals and also affected people. Around 447 people had been diagnosed with some sort of skin lesion or chloracne. They also tested pregnant women to make sure their newborns would not have any issues and all babies turned out normal. This seemed to be an accident of releasing this man-made chemical. Following this disaster, the Seveso Directive was created which is a new system to have industrial safety
  • Three Mile Island

    Three Mile Island
    Three Mile Island occurred in Pennslyvania. The nuclear reactor escaped from power plant. Radiation leaked,but fortunately the people affected were only exposed to small amounts of it. The Three Mile Island power station is responsible. There are now regulations to keep this from happening again. The tower was destroyed but repairs did not take but a few months and radiation didn't have many long term effects.
  • Melbourne Dust Storm

    Melbourne Dust Storm
    In Victoria, Australia the dust storm occurred and cut off all visability for a hour. The Dust Storm was created by strong winds that picked up sand and topsoil from the Mallee and WImmera. The damage took millions of damage and 10 years to repair. People had cover their mouths and nearly choked on dust. There were no laws passed for this.
  • Bhopal Gas Leak

    Bhopal Gas Leak
    In 1984, Bhopal, India disaster struck. There were 5,200 deaths and thousands of other injuries. The company responsible for the gas leak was Union Carbide. The effects of this accident were fatal. The UCC was charged, but showed promise by helping clean up the gas leak. The government created a monitoring system for UCC. The cause is unsure, but is guess to be too high of pressure causing the tank to leak.
  • Chernobyl

    The nuclear accident happened in Pipyrat, Ukraine and spread throughout Europe. There were 31 deaths and 267 injuries. It took 12 months to repair all the damage. Some effects of radiation exposure continued to linger and affected people. Ex) the radiation cause children to become diagnosed with Thyroid cancer. There was no group responsible however, was an operating error caused by a worker and the reactor had issues. A law in 2003 was passed for safety at work & the International Labour Conf.
  • Sandoz Chemical Spill

    Sandoz Chemical Spill
    A fire ignited and caused the spill to go into the Rhine RIver, turning it red. The cause of this was the Sandoz agrochemical storehouse, The cause of the fire is uncertain. This event didn't affect any people, but it killed many animals and polluted the Switzerland airs. Following this disaster, new precautions were added for the risks of another disaster by Sandoz company.
  • Montreal Protocol on Substances that Depletes the Ozone Layer

    Montreal Protocol on Substances that Depletes the Ozone Layer
    This international treaty was passed to protect the ozone layer andput a stop to substances that contribute to the ozone depletion. It has been revised a few times in 1990, 1991,19921993, 1995, 1997,1998, 2000,&2007. The United Nations created this treaty.Air Pollution and chemicals containing bromine, chlorine cause ozone depletion.
  • Phillip's Disaster

    Phillip's Disaster
    IN Texas, a series of explosions occurred known as Phillip's disaster. There were 24 people killed and 314 injuries. It took a long 10 hours to stop the explosions. The reason for this accident is because a highly flammable chemical was released into the work area causing the plants to react strongly. The company now is more careful, but did not change much of their regulations.
  • Pollution Prevention Act

    Pollution Prevention Act
    This act is a federal law created in order to stop or reduce pollution. This is supported by the Environmental Protection Agency. This act also develops ways to reduce pollution such as recycling,ect. Air pollution will be reduced by this act.
  • Kuwaiti Oil Fires

    Kuwaiti Oil Fires
    Sadam Hussein sent the Iraq military to blow up Kuwait. The Persian Gulf war was occurring during this time and he did not want anyone else to win. The effects of these fires were awful, over 600 set on fire burning for seven months and poisoning the Gulf. Animals were killed from this accident from the oil in their lungs or in their bodies. The EPA and many others rush to the scene to help and gulf gov. installs permenant monitering system and early detection.
  • Introduction of the Prius

    Introduction of the Prius
    Japan introduces the Prius a new hybrid car that has an electric motor also instead of just gas engine to make this car save fuel. This car became very popular internationally because it reduces sir pollution. The goal of this car was reached because it solves the problem of using more fuel and is better for the enviroment. Toyota is responsible for creating the Prius. The car has bee out for almost 20 years now and is very successful.
  • Kyoto Protocol

    Kyoto Protocol
    An international treaty that is said to reduce greenhouse gases stating that global warming exsists. and that humans have created it. The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change is responsible for this treaty. The affects air pollution and dcreases it.
  • Tokaimura Nuclear Accident

    Tokaimura Nuclear Accident
    This accident occurred in Tokaimura, Japan. 3 workers were involved in this uranium plant accident. All were hospitalized, 2 in critical condition resulting in later death. 56 were exposed to radiation. By october, much was recovered. To avoid a reoccurrance, neutron monitoring was added and other saftey precautions.
  • The Al-Mishraq Fire

    The Al-Mishraq Fire
    The Al-Mishraq fire burned for over a month. This fire occurred near the Mishraq Sulfur State Mine in Iraq. The sulfur dioxide levels were very high in the air that was dangerous to human's health. Many people were injured and all vegetation was taken out by the fires. This was caused by the Mishraw Sulfur State Mine. No laws were passed because of this, but the Mine created a safer more reliable system.
  • Jilin Chemical Plant Explosion

    Jilin Chemical Plant Explosion
    IN Jilin, China a series of explosions occurred that lasted for an hour. It killed 6 and injured many more. Citizens were also evacuated vey quickly after the first explosion. One of the towers was not handled properly and a nitration unit was the explosion. Jilin Petrochemical Corporation is resposible for this explosion. The company tried to cover up their accident and did not change any of their regulations to help for another accident.
  • Sidoarjo mud volcano

    Sidoarjo mud volcano
    PT Lapindo Brantas is a drilling company in Indonesia.This is a man-made volcanic explosion. The volcano spread approximately 6.3 million cubic feet. This disaster caused 13,000 families a home. The company responsible was Lapindo Brantas and the government forced them to pay $420 million for repairs to the damages. After the eruption, a scientist dscovers that the volcano was actually stimulated by an earthquake and its seismic waves.
  • Kingston Fossil Plant Coal Ash Spill

    Kingston Fossil Plant Coal Ash Spill
    Just before 1 am, the coal fired power plant leaked in Kingston into the Clinch RIver. The cleanup took months and no people were effected, but the air suffered. The ash pollutants escaped into the atmosphere which was not good for the people around this leak. Many people helped with the cleanup andmany organizations funded.
  • Fukushima Daiichi

    Fukushima Daiichi
    The tsunami and earthquake initiated the nuclear disaster. The water pumps slowed and reactors began acting up. Even though 18,500 people died in tsunami and earthquake, many of them died from radiation and other things that relate. This event occurred in Fukushima, Japan. This was a natural cause. Nuclear safety system was created from the accident. The effects lasted years of repairing and also long term effects in humans such as cancer.