By meiern1
  • Edgar is beaten

    edgar was having fun swinging on trees in the grove when the grove master mr. Ratikan caught him and beat him with his walking stick for not working.
  • Edgar acts mysterious

    After a long day of working in the grove Edgar secretly climbs the hills of atherton to the highlands which is forbidden in the planet of Atherton, he then returns home to work again for mean mr ratikan at his grove
  • Edgar's plan

    Edgar is planning to purposely swing on a tree at mr ratikan's grove and get in trouble. Enough trouble so mr. Ratikan wont be wondering where he is at night for when he sneaks to the hills of the highlands at night looking for somthing that he remembers being hidden for him when he was a little boy
  • Edgar finds what he is looking for

    Edgar finds the item that was hidden for him when he was a young boy, it is a book. The problem is Edgar lives in the flat lands and no one in the flat lands know how to read because it is forbidden and you would be killed if caught.
  • Edgar goes to the village of rabbits

    Edgar returns to the grove after finding the book, he hides it under his tree and sets off for his trip to the village of rabbits, he has a old dry fig, a rare sweet that could be traded for many rabbits
  • Edgar's trip

    Edgar returns to the grove with ten live rabbits he thought they would be dead and he was to give them to people who where nice to him during his time in the grove but they where live, he releases them in the grove destroying many fig trees, mr ratikan is furious and Edgar sprints to the hill
  • Edgar finds someone to read

    Edgar reaches the top of the hill and is spotted by a boy, Edgar is much bigger than this boy from working in the grove so he approaches him, neither of them have any friends so the boy sees this as a oppurtuinity to make a friend and takes Edgar to his sleeping chamber to keep him safe from the guards
  • Edgar returns to the grove

    Edgar learns that the book was a book of secrets and now knows that Atherton was created by man to be saved from the dark planets pollution (earth) he also now knows that the hills of the highlands are sinking to the flat lands and the leaders of the highlands are planning to attack the people of the grove to keep there dominance over them Edgar returns to the flatlands to warn the others
  • The war

    The people of the grove dominate the fight because they greatly out number the people of the highlands but, Lord phineus the ruler of Atherton has cut off the water supply for the flatlands and only Lord Phineus and Samuel the boy Edgar met, his friend know how.
  • Edgar ascends to the bottom of the earth

    Edgar was tricked by a man of Lord Phineu's army and believes that is another book of secrets at the bottom of the world Edgar travels to the bottom of the world a hill at least four times bigger than the biggest he's ever climbed before he reaches the end his shoulder popped and goes limp with his hand in a crevice his fingers get stuck in the crevice as his body falls to the ground where he blacks out.
  • Getting water back

    Samuel is locked out of the kingdom of the highlands, his home and the only place to get water, he sneaks into a crevice in the side of the kingdom jsut big enough for a small kid like him to fit in he then turns a statues head to open a door where he ascends to the bottom of the tunnel pulling a level returning water to the people of the grove
  • The world is still sinking

    After the joy of victory the people of the flatlands realize that the world is still sinking to the bottom of the world, no one has ever seen it before and are scared to go to it
  • Edgar is alive

    After returning to his senses Edgar find himself in a cave with two people around him Vincent, the man who saved him from cleaners, (vicious creatures that keep pollution away) and dr Kincaid the man who put the book of secrets there for him they are greatly joyed to be with each other again but are worried for what is to come the people of the grove will be killed by the cleaners when the world is finished sinking.