Assignment 11 - Creative Assignment: Technology Timeline

  • How Alexander started developing the phone

    How Alexander started developing the phone
    Alexander Graham Bell was working on a telegraph improvement, that become the phone, when he started creating the gadget we cannot live without it.
  • First phone call

    First phone call
    The first phone call was made by Alexander Graham Bell in 1876. Bell called Watson. Both, were in separated rooms and they exchanged some unclear words but that was the end of the telegraph.
  • Candlestick phone

    Candlestick phone
    Candlestick phone was divided into two pieces: one part was to spoke and the other one to listen. A Company called Western Electric were the main distributors.
  • Rotary and Push-Botton

    Rotary and Push-Botton
    Rotary phone became popular in 1960 because of the facility of calling people and speaking and listening to the same part.
    Push-Botton phone was launched three years later and it made marking numbers easier.
  • The first portable phone

    The first portable phone
    In 1984, Motorola DynaTAC 8000X was launched as the first phone people could buy in shops. This gadget was the first CELL phone and its price was $3,995.
  • Today

    Phones have been developing very rapidly in the last decade. Nowadays people can buy a simple smartphone for less than $50 or a complex one for $1,000.