APUSH Period 7

  • Period: to

    Period 7

  • Hawaii overthrow

  • Spanish American War

    Only a few months long, "a splendid little war"
  • De Lome Letter

    Critical of McKinley- from Spanish minister
  • Maine sunk

    Yellow press accused Spain
  • Hawaii Annexation

  • Boxer Rebellion

    Chinese attacked Christian missionaries, US troops went in to help
  • Platt Amendment

    US military exits Cuba if the amendment is ratified
  • Roosevelt becomes president

  • Period: to

    African American lynchings

  • Period: to

    Progressive Era

  • Wright brothers make first flight

  • The Jungle published

  • Gentlemen's Agreement

  • Model T introduced- Ford

  • Dollar diplomacy

  • Period: to

    Taft presidency

  • Period: to

    Wilson presidency

  • 16th Amendment

    Established an income tax
  • Period: to


  • Lusitania sunk

  • Zimmerman Telegram- US enters war

  • Espionage and Sedition Acts

  • Selective Service Act

  • Period: to

    First Red Scare

    Fear of Bolshevism
  • Treaty of Versailles

    WIlson used his 14 points
  • 18th amendment

  • Schenck vs. US

    Limited right of free speech
  • Period: to

    Harlem Renaissance

  • Period: to

    Roaring 20s

  • 19th amendment

    Gave women right to vote
  • Quota Laws

    Restricted immigration
  • Dawes Plan

    US banks sent money (war loans) to other countries to pay for war reparations
  • Crash on Wall Street

  • Hawley Smoot Tariff

    Highest in history, signed by Hoover
  • Bonus March

  • FDR enacts New Deal (phase 1)

  • Period: to

    FDR presidency

  • Indian Reorganization Act

    Repealed Dawes Act and gave Indians more freedom
  • Social Security Act

  • Period: to

    Neutrality Acts passed

  • Selective Service Act

  • Period: to


  • Pearl Harbor

  • Japanese internment camps began

  • Battle of Midway

    Ended Japanese expansion
  • D-Day

  • Yalta conference

    Big 3