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  • End of the French and Indian War

    End of the French and Indian War
    Ended with the signing of the Treaty of Paris, Both sides were supported by there mother countries England and France
  • Pontiac's Rebellion

    Pontiac's Rebellion
    Natives tribes dissatisfied by British post war policies in the great lake region,
  • Paxton Boys attack Pennsylvania Indians

    Paxton Boys attack Pennsylvania Indians
    frontiersmen upon an Indian settlement during the Pontiac Indians uprising and the subsequent events related to that attack
  • Proclamation of 1763

    Proclamation of 1763
    Royal proclamation by King George 3 great Britain acquisition of french territory in north america
  • Sugar Act

    Sugar Act
    revenue act to collect money from the Americas to the great Britian
  • Stamp Act

    Stamp Act
    parliament of great Britain taxing the 13 colonies and to use stamp paper only produced in London to help there economy
  • Townshend Acts

    Townshend Acts
    series of British acts of parliament relating to British in north america
  • Treaty of stanwix

    Treaty of stanwix
    Native Americans vs great britian, Were the land of current day of New York was signed and agreed to claim the land
  • Boston Massacre

    Boston Massacre
    It started out as a brawl between the British soldiers and the Americans, killed five people while under attack by the mob
  • Somerset Decision

    Somerset Decision
    chattel slavery was not supported by the common law in England
  • Boston Tea Party

    Boston Tea Party
    Colonist dumped tea into the harbor because of the new tax laws and disagreement
  • Tea Act

    Tea Act
    reduce the massive amount of tea held by the financially troubled British east India company in its London warehouse
  • First Continental Congress

    First Continental Congress
    A meeting were 12 of the 13 colonies in Philadelphia Pennsylvanian early in the American Revolution
  • Second continental congress

    Second continental congress
    convention of delegates from the 13 colonies that started a meeting in 1775 in Philadelphia
  • Intolerable Acts

    Intolerable Acts
    punitive British laws from there parliament due to the Boston tea party, known as the coercive act in Britain
  • Battle of bunker hill

    Battle of bunker hill
    Early in the revolutionary war, were the British defeated the Americans
  • Battle of Lexington and Concord

    Battle of Lexington and Concord
    were it was the first military engagements of the revolutionary war
  • Common Sence

    Common Sence
    Thomas Paine wrote this for the 13 colonies to encourage people to fight for there beliefs and fight for the government, independence from great britian
  • Declaration Of Independence

    Declaration Of Independence
    written by Thomas Jefferson declaring independence for the 13 colonies from great Britain.
  • Battle of Trenton

    Battle of Trenton
    George Washington Army crossed Delaware on Christmas day and won 2 critical battles for the american revolution
  • Article of Confederation

    Article of Confederation
    The original constitution of the United States
  • Battle of Saratoga

    Battle of Saratoga
    Giving a decisive victory to the Americans over the British in the american revolutionary war
  • Federalist papers published

    Federalist papers published
    85 essays written by Hamilton, Madison, Jay, to get the voters of new york part of the constitution
  • Treaty of Paris ( american revolution )

    Treaty of Paris ( american revolution )
    the signing ended the revolutionary war
  • Treaty of Alliance

    Treaty of Alliance
    was a defensive alliance between the french and the american during the middle of the revolutionary war
  • Newburgh Conspiracy

    Newburgh Conspiracy
    planned military coup by the continental army when american revolutionary war was at its end
  • Annapolis convention

    Annapolis convention
    Meeting of Commissioner of remedy defects of the federal government, national federal convention in Maryland, were twelve delegates from five states
  • Shay's Rebellion

    Shay's Rebellion
    armed uprising in Massachusetts, protest against economic and civil rights injustice
  • Constitutional Convention

    Constitutional Convention
    in Philadelphia, address the weak parts of the central government that existed under the article of confederation.
  • Northwest Ordinance

    Northwest Ordinance
    providing a method for admitting new states to the union for territory, and listed a bill of rights guaranteed in the territory
  • election of George Washington

    election of George Washington
    becomes the first us president to be elected by the electoral college.
  • Beginning of the french rebellion

    Beginning of the french rebellion
    period of far reaching social and political in France and its colonies, carried by napoleon during last expansion of the french empire.
  • Hamilton's first report on public credit

    Hamilton's first report on public credit
    called for payments in a full government debts as the foundation in creating government credit
  • Bill of Right ratified

    Bill of Right ratified
    the 10 amendments that are now known as the bill of right, those becoming apart part of the constitution.
  • First Bank of the United states chartered

    First Bank of the United states chartered
    Chartered for a term of twenty years and was the first in the nation
  • Whiskey Rebellion

    Whiskey Rebellion
    was a tax protest in the united states during the presidency of George Washington
  • Hamilton Report on Manufactures

    Hamilton Report on Manufactures
    America founding father and first US treasury secretary Hamilton
  • Citizen Genet affair

    Citizen Genet affair
    a french ambassador that interfered with the us government, which at the time was at war with great britian and Spain
  • Battle of Fallen timber

    Battle of Fallen timber
    final battle for northwestern Indians, Native tribes got in the way therefore the us kicked them out for control of that territory.
  • jay's treaty

    jay's treaty
    between great britian and the us to advert war, resolved issues remaining since the treaty of Paris
  • Pinckney's Treaty

    Pinckney's Treaty
    established intention of friendship with the United states and Spain
  • treaty of greenville

    treaty of greenville
    leading to the native american loss to the battle of fallen timber
  • Election of John Adams

    Election of John Adams
    was the part of the third presidential election and won known as the second united states president
  • XYZ affair

    XYZ affair
    involving a confrontation between the us and the republic of France and led to a undeclared war called the quasi war
  • Quasi-War with France

    Quasi-War with France
    was a undeclared war fought almost all at sea between the united states and france
  • Alien and sedition acts

    Alien and sedition acts
    new powers to deport foreigners as well as making it harder for immigrants to vote
  • Election of Thomas Jefferson

    Election of Thomas Jefferson
    was a the third united states president and was part of a democrat and republican party being of a supporter of the Democrat.
  • Washington DC was chosen as the capital

    Washington DC was chosen as the capital
    congress moved from Philadelphia to Washington dc
  • Judiciary Act of 1800

    Judiciary Act of 1800
    reduced the size of the supreme court from 6 to 5 and eliminates justice circuit duties.
  • Lord Cornwallis surrendered to George Washington

    Lord Cornwallis surrendered to George Washington
    In Yorktown Virginia, surrendered and decisive victory of a combined force of the American Army lead by George Washington and the French