April & Alishia 2w

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    Ancient Civilization B.C. -570 A.D.

    Bible times and major events in early times. Greek and roman Inovations of water ways and health concerns.
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    Facts about Ancient Civilization 500 B.C.

    Facts about Ancient Civilization 500 B.C.
    As rome grows they made sewers and aquaducks.
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    Ancient Civilization 80 A.D.

    Romans senate passed a law too save water to be released for street and seware cleaning.
  • May 2, 1000

    Middle Ages 1000 - 1600's

    Middle Ages 1000 - 1600's
    During this time period laws were set up to bann waste from being dumped into the streets. They created a sewer system. And the water closet.
  • May 4, 1366

    Middle Ages

    Paros butchers were told to dispose of animal waste outside of city.
  • Middle Ages

    Paris became first european country with extensive seware system.
  • The Enlightment Era 1700's - 1811

    The Enlightment Era 1700's - 1811
    Benjiman Franklin started a protest against dumping of waste. Childern Hospitals were built in Germany and France. Found out what Cancer was. Discoverd that Chimney Sweeps were getting cancer.
  • Enlightment Era

    Benjiman Franklin patetioned to stop waste dumping.
  • Enlightment Era

    Scientist discover that coal is finding out that coal is causing cancer.
  • Industrial Revolution 1810 - 1890

    The first laws against Animal Fighting were passed. Work places were evaluated for the conditions Childern and Women were working under. Promoting of Solar Engergy was started.
  • The Industrial Revlation

    The Industrial Revlation
    First gas lights were introduced in london by the Gas & Coke Co.
  • The Industrial Revlation

    Corn laws Passed, Placing high protective tarrifs on grain (corn) imports into britan.
  • The Prgressive Era 1890's-1920's

    The Prgressive Era 1890's-1920's
    Water Solar Heaters were invented. There was a raise in the boared of health against the aresenic poisining. Started Street Cleaning.
  • Period: to

    Year 0 to 2012

  • The Roaring Twentes and the Depression 1920-1940

    The Roaring Twentes and the Depression 1920-1940
    Nature preduction laws in Germany. Public health acts. Dumping of Raw Sewag into water.
  • WWII and The Fifties 1940-1960

    Animal Preservation Acts. Humane Slaughter Act. Earth Day was created. Clean Air Act.
  • The Seventies 1970-1980

    The Seventies 1970-1980
    The first earth day celebration. Energy Acts. Conservation Acts.
  • The Eighties. 1980-1990

    The Eighties. 1980-1990
    The Safe Drinking Water Act. Set standerd for contamination. The gasoline was made at a minimum of 10% grain alchol.
  • thw ninties 1990-2000

    Amendments were to the clean water act. EPA air pollutin results come in. Logging is restricted.
  • the ninties 1990-2000

    the ninties 1990-2000
    Clean Air Act. To cut Emissions from electric power plants. To help reduce acid rain.
  • The Ninties 1993

    President Clinton signed the restricting loggin in old growth trees.
  • The Nintie 1996

    EPA air pollutin report says sulfur dioxide emissions declined by 40% between 1970 and 1990.