Apollo 13 patch

Apollo 13

  • The launch of Apollo 13

    The launch of Apollo 13
    Apollo 13Most people don't know about the launching incident. The middle part of the ship's engine shut down two minutes early. All of the outer engines had to burn longer to keep the ship straight. The shutdown probably happened because of a dangerous pogo oscillation, and it threatened to rip apart the middle section, at this point, the back. After that incident they made a device that helps so that doesn't happen again.
  • Oxygen tank explosion

    Oxygen tank explosion
    Oxygen tank explosionWhen they were many miles from Earth, Mission Control asked Swigert to turn on the hydrogen and oxygen tank when they heard a loud bang followed by an electrical problem. They thought it just might have been an asteroid that hit the side. There were two oxygen tanks, one of the two exploded. It caught fire and because of the fire a lot of pressure came in and expanded the tank beyond its limit. It filled the fuel cell with flammable gases. A shock made tanks leak. They don't know how it happe-
  • Continued oxygen tank explosion

    Continued oxygen tank explosion
    Continued oxygen tank explosion ned. They were forced to shut down Control Module and all they had was the Lunar Module. They had to use Lunar Module as a lifeboat.They had this in training if this ever happened. If they had not had the Lunar Module the incident would have been severe.
  • Survival and coming home

    Survival and coming home
    Survival and coming homeTo make it home they were thinking about doing a Direct Abort trajectory. They were thinking about circling the ship around the moon and use its gravity to bring the ship back to Earth. In oder to stay alive for as long as possible, they had to use as little things as they could. That meant power and water, they weren't even going to talk to Mission Control until they got into the atmosphere. they invented a device to keep the carbon dioxide out of the air and they called it the mailbox.
  • The splashdown

    The splashdown
    The splashdownAs the ship got closer to the Earth they started taking pictures for analysis, after they took the pictures they saw that the ship ship was very damaged. When the ship got into Earth's atmosphere they were afraid the ship would have fire damage. They started getting back Mission Control, and when they landed they landed safely in the South Pacific Ocean. Everyone was alright except for Haise because he had an infection because he drank too much water. They told them the slightest weight shift-
  • Continued splashdown

    Continued splashdown
    Continued splashdown would knock it off its track.
  • Crew

    CrewLeft to right: Jim A. Lovell, Jr. as Commander, John L. Swigert, Jr. "Jack" as Command Module Pilot, and Fred W. Haise as Lunar Module Pilot.