APES Project

  • The Lacy Act

    In order to protect species from going extinct this act was passed to protect them

    The Act used to regulate the use of pesticdes in the united states
  • Federal food, drug, and cosmetic act

    passed in 1938 to ensure that products that are bad are either not shipped or not advertised incorrectly
  • Occupational saftey and health act

    Drafted in 1970 to create a work an environment in which every employee can feel safe
  • NEPA

    is a United States environmental law that established a U.S. national policy promoting the enhancement of the environment
  • Stockholm decleration

    Created to help protect the earth for the future stability of human society rather than for life as a whole
  • Endangered Species act of 1973

    Act passed to protect endangered species from harm due to human interference with the environment
  • The toxic substances Control act

    In 1973 the EPA decided they were going to thest chemicals in products before they were shipped to retail stores, thus th toxic substances control act was born
  • Safe Drinking Water Act

    In order to increase the levels of available clean drinking water, the safe drinking water act was passed
  • Convention of International Trade in Endangered Species

    in 1975 this act was passed to stope the trade of certain species on the endangered species list

    Act passed to stop the disposal of hazardous material into the environment
  • Convention on the law of the sea

    This was the act that was set in place to protect all of
    earth's oceans
  • convention of ozone depletion

    the act that was used to prevent the deteriaration of the sky's ozone layer
  • Emergency Planning and right to know act

    The act that guarentees communities the right to know about chemical emergencies
  • Oil Pollution Act

    Created to help elilminate water pollution by large oil companies
  • Food quality protection act

    Created to ensure that foods meet saftery standards for people and the environment
  • Convention of Climate Change and the kyoto protocal act

    The very general act that tries to ensure that man and nature can coexist with one another