Apartheid timeline

  • Miners strike

    Almost 75 000 black miners decided to strike for more money and better working conditions.
  • National party comes into power

  • Daniel Francois Malan became prime minister

  • Prohibitation of mixed marriage act.

  • The group areas act.

  • Population registration act.

    This classified all South Africans under 3 categories: White, coloured or black.
  • Seperate representation of voters act.

    This was made to strip coloureds of their voting rights.
  • Prevention of illegal squatting act.

  • Bantu authorities act.

    This was to try and keep black out of the urban areas permanently.
  • Abolition of passes and co ordination of documents act.

    Requires Africans to carry I.D booklets
  • Bantu education act.

    Seperate education for whites and blacks
  • Riotous Assemblies and Suppression of Communism Amendment Act

  • Natives labour act.

    An attempt to control african labour
  • Freedom charter was realeased

  • South Africa Act Amendment Act

  • Protests at the union buildings

  • 20 000 women protesting against tge past laws

  • Sharpeville massacre

    69 people dead when marching to police station and on that day ANC & PAC are banned
  • South Africa becomes a republic

  • Mandela imprisoned after the rivonia trial for High treason

  • District 6 declared a white area

  • Hendrik Frensch Verwoerd is assasinated

    The prime minister of the national party was assasinated.
  • Students uprising in Soweto

    High school student lead protest, 176 people killed