AP Seminar Timeline

By kibby
  • May 3, 1496

    Niccolo Machiavelli Born

    was an italian historian philosopher, humanist and writer during the renaissance. He wrote comedys, carnival songs,poetry, some of the most well known personal correspondance in the italian language.
  • Apr 23, 1564

    William Shakesphere Born

    William Shakesphere was a very well known english poet and playwriter. he was often called englands national poets, his plays iinclude Romeo&Juliet, Hamlet, and Othello. (literature)
  • Rene Decartes Born

    Rene decartes was a french philospher and writer who spent most of his adult life in the dutch republic. he is one of the founders of calculus and analysis. Decartes was also one of the key figures in the scientific revolution.
  • Jhon Locke Born

    Jhon Locke was a british philosipher known as the father of liberalism. He was a medical researcher and physican, political operative, econimist, and idealogue for a revelutionary movement.
  • Robert Hooke Born

    English natural philosioher, architect, and polymath. Hooke studied at wadham college during the protectorate where he became one of a tightly knit group of ardent royalists.(chemistry)
  • Sir Issac Newton is Born

    Was an english physicist, mathmatition, astronamer, natural philosipher, and theologin. newton discoverd universal gravitation and the three laws of motion.(calculus)
  • Goltfried Wilhem leibniz born

    was a german philosipher and mathmatition. he wrote in mupitlpe languages, primarily in french, latin and german.(calculus)
  • Calculus discovered

    Calculus is a branch of mathmatics focused on limits, functions, deravites, intergrals, and infiniate series. Calculus is the study of change. (calculus)
  • benjerman Franklin Born

    Benjerman franklin was one the founding fathers of the united states.he was the 6th president of the supreme executive council of pennysylvania.
  • Goltfried wilhem leibinez died

    he wrote works on politics, ethics, laws, theology, history, philosiphy, and phillogy. he built a calulation machine in 1673.(calculus)
  • Adam Smith born

    Adam Smith was a scotish social philosipher. He also wrote the wealth of nations.
  • Sir issac Newton Dies

    Sir Issac Newton wrote on biblical hermemeutics. He built the first telescope.(calculus)
  • industrial Revoulution

    the industrial revoulution was the development of all metal machine tools in the 18th to 19th century. Had mager changes in agriculture, transportation, and mining.
  • Revoulutinary War

    the Revolutionary War was a war between the 13 cononies and gret britain. american victory persuaded france to join in 1778.(us history)
  • signing of the decleration of independence.

    the decleration of indepence was approved on july 4 1776, wich is what americans celerbrate as independence day. the america won so they were seperated from the british empire.(us history)
  • George washingtons term as president

    George washington was the first real president of the united states. althouh he ended his term in 1797. he was a geat leader and lead many victories(gov)
  • Thomas Jefferson becomes third presisent

    thomas jefferson was the third president of the united states, hedrafted the decleration of independence and represetsed the state of virginia, and later on become the govener of virginia.(gov)
  • walt whitman is born

    alt whitman was an american poet, he died at the age of 72. he was a journalist, essayist, and a humanist. (literature)
  • emily dickenson ws born

    emily dickenson was an american poet who was born in massetutests. she was a private poet. (Literature)
  • Edgar Allan Poe Dies

    edgar allan poe wrote many short stories and poems. he married his thirteen year old cousin and died at the age of 40. (Literture)
  • assasination of abraham lincoln

    abraham was the 16th president of the united states. he was assainated by jhon wikes booth, he was killed at a theatre . (Gov.)
  • Dimitri Mendeleev was born

    dimitri mendeleev was a russian chemist and inventor. he created the first version of the peridic table. (Chem)
  • Albert Einstein Is born

    albert eienstein perfected the light bulb he was a theorectial physicist who developed the theory of general activity. (Chem)
  • Herman Studinger born

    german chemist who proposed for the first time that plastics were made up of giant long chains molecules. (Chem)
  • theodore sveberg born

    was swedish chemist, and nobel laurente. he died febuary 25 1971 at the age of 86.(Chem)
  • Jean paul satre born

    he was one of the leading philosphers in the 20th century french philosiphy. he wone nobel peace prize in literature but refused it.
  • Titanic

    on April 15th the titanic hit an iceburg and killed over 1517eople. only 706 people survived.(U.S. History)
  • amendment XIX established

    the 19th amendment gave women the right to vote. was a cumulation of the womans suffarge movement. (Gov.)
  • world war 2 starts.

    was a global conflict lasting from 1939-- 1945. the united sates was at war with japan.(U.S. His)
  • peter Singer born

    is 65 years old he was born july 6 1946, he is an australian philosipher.
  • meg whitman born

    meg whitman was born on august 4 1950. she was born in longisland and went to harvard buisness school. (Macro.)
  • scott Mcnealy Born

    heis the ceo and co founder to sun microsystems., he is 56 (Macro)
  • Robert Frost dies

    Robert frost was an american poet. he died at the age 88.
  • JFK Dies

    JFk was the president he was killed in texas by Lee harvey oswld. oswald was killed by jack ruby. (Gov.)
  • donald trump born

    is an ameriacan magnate, he was born in new york and is number 17 on famous celeberities.(macroecon.)
  • Ronald Reagan becomes president

    was the 40th president of the u.s. his vice president was george busch.(macroeconomics)
  • george h.w. was in office

    41st president of the united states and the 43rd vice president(mcroeconomics)
  • accelerated damage to coral reefs

    in 1991 people started noticing coral reefs and it became an issue. many people there is a group working on the problem.(enviormental science)
  • latest water managment project

    august 2008 a group started a water managment project saying tthat we need to stop making so much dames and start leaving more water where we are taking it from(enviormental science)