Anything But Typical Gwen Jensen.

  • Exposition1:backround

    Jason Blake isan austistic child,therefore he doesnt atlk much.He enjoys writing short stories on a website called StoryBoard. On storyBoard he meets a girl with the username phenoixbird.
  • Period: to


  • Exposition2:Setting

    Jason lives at his house. He goes to a regular school with regular children. He often times visits his uncle aunt and annoying cusin's house. At one point he goes to a convention in Texas.
  • Exposition3:Characters

    Jason is the main character,an austistic child,who enjoys writing stories. His mother is always trying to help him and supports him in everything he does.his uyounger brother,Jeremy, is very playfull and wants to be just like Jason.His father is quiet and understanding of Jason's wish to not speak often. Rebecca (phenixbird) is a girl who jason meets online and wants to become friends with but once rebecca finds out jason is austistic she wants nothing to do with him.
  • Rising action:CONFLICT

    Rising action:CONFLICT
    Rebecca(pheonixbird) wants Jason to come to the storyboard convention in her home town.
  • Rising action2

    Rising action2
    Jason tells some boys at school that he has a girlfriend this was before he even knew Phenioxbirds real name.
  • rising action 3

    rising action 3
    After finding out that Rebecca will also be at the convention Jason doesnt want to go because he is afraid of what she will think of him.
  • rising action 4

    rising action 4
    It is announced over the PA system at school that Jason will be going to the convention. Now the hole school knows that he is going and jason feels as if he HAS to go.
  • rising action 5

    rising action 5
    Jason and his mother arrive at their hotel in Dallas Texas after a long plane ride.
  • Rising Action 6

    Jason and his mother arrive at the StoryBoard convention.
  • Rising action 7

    Rising action 7
    Jason tries to aviod saying his name because of the fear that rebecca will hear and want to talk to him.
  • rising action 8

    rising action 8
    jasn begins to anticipate what Rebecca will look,act,smell like.
  • climax/turning point 1

    climax/turning point 1
    jason and rebecca finnally meet in person but rebecca doesnt like him.
  • falling action 1

    falling action 1
    Jason decides to stop writing stories because he realizes that people will never treat him like a "normal' person
  • falling action 2

    falling action 2
    jason goes to writing workshop with an author, the author is an dwarf . Jason relizes that you should do what you love no matter what.
  • falling action 3

    falling action 3
    Rebecca says she still wants stories and that thay are still friends.
  • resolution 1

    resolution 1
    jason's mother tells him that he tought her more then she could ever teach him and that she loves him very much no matter what.
  • reasolution 2

    reasolution 2
    Jason rewrites his s Bennu story