Ana Guerra

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  • Birth

    She born in San Cristóbal de la Laguna the 18 of february , 1994.
  • Chidhood

    She started in music for her father. He studied 8 years of flute. She participated in several singing competitions. His first performance in 2002.
  • Musical career

    Musical career
    In 2002 appeared for the first time on television in the program Menudas Estrellas. He also appeared on the show at your side of Telecinco, where a producer advised his father to study music.
    Later, Ana was also part of the Christmas concert with the Tenerife Symphony Orchestra.
  • Musical career 2.0

    Musical career 2.0
    In addition, he has performed at the carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife,18 as a vocalist of one of the troupes, as well as in the Gala of election of the Queen of the carnival. In 2015, moved to Madrid in search of more professional opportunities.
  • Operation Triumph 2017.

     Operation Triumph 2017.
    In 2017 he presented himself to the casting of Operation Win 2017. She was chosen as one of the 16 participants of the talent show and was ranked as fifth runner-up. After his departure from the program, Ana and the rest of the contestants began the tour OT 2017 in concert in Barcelona and traveled several cities throughout The year.
  • Operation Triumph 2017 2.0.

    Operation Triumph 2017 2.0.
    As a finalist OT 2017, he was a candidate to represent Spain in the Eurovision Festival of 2018 with two themes, "El remedio", and a duet with Aitana entitled "Lo malo". The song selection gala took place on January 29th and Ana Guerra came to the stage End only with "Lo malo". Finally, it was in third position.
  • After Operation Triumph 2017.

    After Operation Triumph 2017.
    After its passage by Operation Triumph 2017, Aitana and Ana Guerra published the definitive version of "Lo malo", which became a success of sales in Spain, getting five platinum discs.

    In March 2018, he recorded the main theme of the series of Fugitiva TVE, which came with a small music video mixed with scenes of the same. that same month, Guerra went to the Dial Awards held at the International Center of Fairs and congresses of Tenerife , along with some of his companions OT 2017.
  • After Operation Triumph 2017 2.0.

    After Operation Triumph 2017 2.0.
    Later he would launch on digital platforms "nor the hour", a topic in which he collaborated with the singer Juan Magán. She was nominated in the LOS40 Music Awards 2018. On January 25, 2019 and after a long wait, Ana Guerra finally published her first album entitled "Reflection". This includes 9 tracks of which we already knew several as "neither the Hour", "short" and "The Bad (Remix)". In addition to including an acoustic version of "Nor Time".