Antonio vivaldi

  • Birth

    He birth on Venecia and was a composer of the old Baroque.
  • Seminar

    Antonio Vivaldi entered in a Seminar and recive his firsts religius orders.
  • Deacon

    Vivaldi is called deacon on the seminar thath he was
  • Priest

    Antonio became finally a priest. More inclined to the musica than the religion.
  • Teacher of violin

    Vivaldi was called teacher of violin by the orchestra of Pietà and after of the education of the viola all’ inglese.
  • Reputation

    Antonio Vivaldi composed his firsts two Opus. They becamo so famous and get reprinting on Paris and London.
  • Stabat Mater

    Vivaldi wrote the Stabat Mater to a church of Brescia.
  • Opera

    Vivaldi composed his first opera called Vicenza. It became very famous on Italy.
  • Critique

    In the Carnival of Sant'Angelo Uffenbach wrote in her book: ''At the end, vivaldi did a solo follow by a cadence improvised that let me speechless, so is impossible that someone play like this''
  • Work and Travel

    Between the years 1718 and 1722 Vivaldi worked by the prince of Mantua, and after, he started so many travels in Europe.
  • Montezuma

    Vivaldi put on his opera called Montezuma, that is the centre of the novel called Baroque Concert by Alejo Carpentier.
  • A little lie...

    Vivaldi was acussed from not say mass, he said thath it was his Asthma, but it didn't appear when he had to travel for Europe...
  • Viena

    Vivaldi moved to live in Viena, where he died 1 year later.
  • Vivaldi fell in the oblivion...

    Vivaldi fell in the oblivion, he didn't appear in the books of music from Italy.
  • Vivaldi died

    Vivaldi died in Viena without echonomical resources.