Anton bruckner

Anton Bruckner Timeline

By Patman
  • Date of birth.

    Date of birth.
    He was born on the 4th of September 1824, as he grew up he learned to play the organ.
  • School!

    Bruckner entered school when he was only six years old, he exceeded very fast so he got into higher classes faster. He recieved his graduation or confirmation in 1833!
  • Different schools, and practicing organ.

    Different schools, and practicing organ.
    He got sent to another school, and near there, there was a church where he would practice his organ
  • First composition

    First composition
    He wrote his first composition right after he finished school, it was called Vier Präludien in Es-Dur für Orgel, in which he played the organ excellently.
  • Buckners Father

    Buckners Father
    In 1837 at an unknown date Anton Buckners' father died. Before the death of his father, he started to learn how to play the organ.
  • Choir.

    He then later after his fathers death, went to a monastery in St. Florian, to perform in a choir with his talented skills.
  • Different compositions or writings of music by him

    Different compositions or writings of music by him
    Between 1843-1845 his music showed proof of him improving artisticly.
  • His job.

    His job.
    For the next ten years until 1855 he had a job as an organist and a teacher. He later was able to work as an assistant in one of the village schools in Florian.
  • Education

    To improve his intelligence he would take courses. In 1848 he got a job as an organist. His music consisted of other famous artists.
  • Friends

    In 1861 he made partner with another popular musician by the name of Franz Liszt.
  • Touring!

    From 1869 to 1871 he went touring in France and England to show off his musical skills.
  • Love

    In 1880 he fell in love with a girl that was 17 years old, he had a strange interest in young women. Although she declined his offer of marriage.
  • Death.

    Bruckner later then died at 1896. He was buried in a St. Florian church under his favorite organ.
  • End

    The end, Made by Patrick Kozikowski