Antarctica Timeline

By lolly8
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    Antartic timeline

  • Captian Cook

    Captian Cook
    Captian Cook was first to cross the antartic circle.
  • First Sighting

    First Sighting
    Fabian Gottlieb von Bellingshausen became the first person to spot land on the continent.
  • James Weddell

    James Weddell
    James Weddell sailed with another company aboard with their boat.They reached the Ross ice shelf.
  • Robert scott

    Robert and four others sledged to 90 degrees celsius.
  • Shackeltons near escape

    Shackelton and his crew stranded on elephant to try and make it to south georgia to find a whaling station and signal help.
  • MacMillan

    Gives up polar sea flight.Organization of the naval aviation section of the MacMillan arctic expedition was completed on this very day.
  • Richard Byrd

    Richard Byrd
    First flight over antarctica.
  • Roald Amundsen

    Roald Amundsen
    First reached the south pole 2 weeks before Scott
  • Edmund Hillary

    Edmund Hillary
    Reached top of Mount Erebus
  • Antarctic Treaty

    Antarctic Treaty
    The Antarctic treaty was signed by 16 countries and a little bit later the rest of the countries signed it. From then on all the countries were only allowed to do science and things related to learn about Antarctia