Anh Do

  • Birth

    Anh Do was born on the 2nd of June 1977
  • The Escape

    In 1980 Anh and 39 other managed to escape on a boat from vietnam
  • The Rescue

    Anh's boat was rescued by a German ship where they were then taken to Maylasia. From here they spent several months in a refugee camp. He and his family were eventually taken in by Australia and began to live in Sydney.
  • Losing the Farm

    Anh Do's father lost the family farm and sunk into a deep depression.
  • Anh's father leaves

    In 1990 due to his deep depression after losing the family farm a year earlier, Anh's father leaves their family.
  • Visiting Veitnam

    For the first time in his life, Anh Do revisits Vietnam. He said it was weird to be in a country that he was born in but not become a local instantly
  • Footy Legends

    On the 3rd of August 2006 Anh Do released his movie Footy Legends which he made with his brother Khoa.
  • Book Award

    Anh Do won the Independent Booksellers of The Year in 2011 for his book The Happiest Refugee.
  • Brush With Fame

    Anh Do started his tv show Brush With Fame in 2016, from which he interviews celebrities whilst painting their portraits.