Andrew Jackson

By megeal1
  • Day of Birth

    This was the day that he was born in a between North and South Carolina.
  • American Revolution

    He joined the local militia as a courier for the War.
  • 1st Job

    He worked as a saddle maker with a person within his town.
  • Start of goverment Career

    He became a prosecutor on the frontier of southern of modern day Ohio.
  • U.S. Represenative

    He became represenative for Tennessee. The same year it became a state.
  • U.S. Senator

    He resigned from being a representative and became a senator for TN. Then he gave this up in a year too.
  • Militia

    He was appointed commander of the TN militia.
  • Major General

    He was promoted to Major general of TN militia.
  • Battle of New Orleans

    He beat the Red Coats with 5,000 men against 7,500 red coats.
  • Seminole War

    Monroe ordered Jackson to lead a campaign against the Indians, and he got a bit carried away.
  • Electon of 1824

    The electon that Jackson believes that he was robbed of a victory for president.
  • King Mob

    At his Inaguration, so many people came to get a good look at Jackson that his gaurds couldn't control them.
  • Electon of 1828

    The big, name smearing campaing against J.Q.A.
  • The Big Bank War Starts

    Jackaon's first display his diapproval of the renewal of the charter.
  • Indian Removal Act

    He signs the act to remove the indian west of the Mississippi river.
  • Nullification Crisis

    South Carolina threatens to succed with the passing of the protective tariff that was just passed.
  • End of his Political Career

    He announces that he we not go for another term and will retire from the "public eyes" of politics and still influences some outcomes.
  • Death

    He dies.