Ancient Astronomers

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  • -240 BCE

    Eratosthenes discoverey

    Eratosthenes discovery was accurately measuring the circumference of the Earth during 240 BC. This discover is important because many astronomers used his finding later on in history.
  • 1500

    Claudius Ptolemy discovery

    Claudius Ptolemy discovered that the earth was the center of the universe which was called geocentric theory which is wrong now but his famous works discovered that the planets move in epicycles, this was in the 1500s. This discovery (even though wrong) was important because it made other astronomers question and study this topic more.
  • 1507

    Nicolaus Copernicus discovery

    Nicolaus Copernicus discovered/developed in 1507 his first heliocentric astronomical system where it showed that six planets including earth orbits the sun. He was not the first that made this discovered but he was the first to bring it to the renaissance and this is important because he included the revelation that the Earth rotates on its axis but this was different to other scholars.
  • 1572

    Tycho Brahe discovery

    Tycho Brahe discovered the Supernova in 1572 and was able to see it for 18 months till it disappeared. This discover was important because it showed that the Supernova did not change position therefore the Supernova is a star.
  • Johannes Kepler discovery

    Johannes Kepler discovered three major laws of planetary motion. The first two in 1609 and the third in 1619. This discovery was very important because it was a base for other astronomers to use.
  • Sir Isaac Newton discovery

    Sir Isaac Newtown discovery is about gravitational theory. The law of Universal gravitation states that all particles in the universe exert gravitational force. This was discovered in 1664. His discovery was very important because it would explain many other theory's attometers discovered and it is one reason why we orbit around the sun.
  • Albert Einestein discovery

    Albert Einstein discovered thee law of photoelectric in 1921. This discovery was important because it was the base of quantum physics later on.