American Timeline

  • Period: to

    American Events

  • Transportation: Canal System

    Transportation: Canal System
  • The Economy

  • The American War

    The American War
  • Clay and other nationalists

  • Tariff act

  • Transportation

  • Trasportation

  • Early American

    Early American
  • Monroe Doctirne

    Monroe Doctirne
  • Andrew Jackson elected

  • Industrialisation

    the process of social and economic change that transforms a human group from an agrarian society into an industrial one
  • Idian Removal Act

  • Texas Revolution

  • Colledge Reform In Ohio

  • Whig Party was created

    Whig Party was created
  • The Battle of San Jacinto

    The Battle of San Jacinto
  • The Panic of 1837 Over the banks

  • Dorthea Dix's Speech on Reform for the mentally ill to legislator

  • Manifest Destiny by John L. O'Sullivan

  • Mexican War

    Mexican War
  • Morman Migration

  • Gold Discovered

  • Treaty of Guadalu Hidalgo

  • First meerting of Women rights

  • Married womens Property Act

  • 'Gold Miners aslo known as "49er"

  • Treaty of fort laramie

  • Chineese Migration