American Revolution Timeline

  • Boston Port Act

    Was an act that was designed to secure Great Britain's jurisdictions over her American dominions. This event was a reponse to the Boston Tea Party. It outlawed the use of The Port Of Boston.
  • Contreversey between colonies

    Colonies have some trouble
  • Open Rebelion

    King declareds colony of massachusetts to be an open rebelion.
  • Lexington and Concord

    Outbreak of the Revolutionary War.... when the british Red Coats invaded Concord to search for wepons by secretly crossing the river to Charles Town.
  • The Second Continental Congress Begins

    Reps. from all 13 colonysformed the Second Continental Congress that would serve as an emergancy government throughout the war.
  • The Battle Of Bunker Hill

    The Battle Of Bunker Hill (was the bloodeist battle) of the revolution.
  • American Defeat

    American Defeat at Bunker Hill...... a month after June 17, 1775
  • Summer... The Decloration of Independence

    The Unites States was born here, within the walls of the State House of the colony of Penniyvanina, on the 4th of jult 1776, when the Decoloration of Independencewas presented to Congress.
  • Winter of 1777-1778 Encampment At Vally Forge Pennsylinviana

    Two months after the fighting at Saratoga, Washington began to set up his winter encampment here at Vally Forge, Pennsylvania about two days ride from Philly.
  • The very last battle of the Revolutionary War (YORKTOWN)

    The British set up an encampment positioned thier weapons, and walls and trenches, while they waited for more supplies and troops to arrive in ships from New York.