American Revolution s.s 9 Caleigha Davis 1-3

  • Slavery

    Twenty slaves arrived at Jamestown but then ended in development and growth of slavery
  • The royal colony

    Virginia is now declared royal colony after the Virginia company revoked to London.
  • French and Indian war

    The war between the French and the Indian began in 1754 and ended "with the Treaty of Paris in 1763."
  • The defeat

    In July 1755 "the Western Pennsylvania was a major blow for the prestige of the British Crown."
  • Extending land

    In 1763 King George the third gave land to whoever fought in the " Seven Years' War."
  • The sugar act

    1764 " intended to raise revenues, and the Currency Act, prohibiting the colonies from issuing paper money."
  • The stamp act

    1765 the stamp act passed through the parliament of the British on March 22.
  • The townshend act

    Many laws passed by the parliament of the British regarding the American colonies.
  • Colonial resistance

    In the 1770 there was lots of violence because of the colonial resistance.
  • The Resistance

    The main thing that created the resistance was the Boston tea party in 1773
  • The Tea

    In 1773 there were millions of tea that didn't sell because of the tea tax.
  • Shutting down the city's harbor

    King George the third shut down the city's harbor and the only way to bring it back was to get the "colonists to pay for tea to get dumped overboard the previous year"
  • Kicking off the armed conflict

    "The colonial militiamen in Lexington and Concord, and the British troops kicked off the armed conflict in 1775."
  • Cutting them selves off from Great Britain

    July 4th 1776 Great Britain and the 13 American colonies separated from each other.
  • Battles of Saratoga

    Fall of 1777 the two battles of saratoga were fought eighteen days apart from each other starting September nineteenth.
  • Settling the alliance

    1778 France and America signed two treaties settling the alliance between them.
  • The capture

    In 1779 the south of Britain distracted Georgia by the beginning of 1779 but not only that they captured Charleston and South Carolina by mid 1780.
  • Battle of Yorktown against British General Lord Charles Cornwallis

    1781 George Washington declared a battle between his 17,000 army against British General Lord Charles Cornwallis and his 9,000 British troops.
  • Attack on the ship

    Spain successfully attacks the French and Americans to supply the united states.
  • Winning the independents

    8 years later the colonists won their independence.