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  • Stamp Act

    Stamp Act
    The Stamp act was a tax that was put on the colonists.This was the first of the taxes that was put on the colonies.This was due to the British suffering a lot from the seven year war against the french in North America.
  • Townshend act

    Townshend act
    The townshend acts were taxes that were put on the 13 colonies by the British parliament. These taxes included the tax on tea,and the stamp act which increased the price of paper.These taxes that were put on the colonists got them a step closer to the American revolution.
  • Boston Massacre

    Boston Massacre
    The Boston Massacre was a riot that ended with 5 deaths on the colonists side. This event was a big fuse that would light the american revolution.On March 5,1770 an angry mob attacked couple of British soldiers throwing rocks and snowballs which slowly escalated to shots that killed 5 colonists.
  • Boston Tea Party

    Boston Tea Party
    The Boston tea party was a protest against the taxes that the British put on the colonies. On the night of December 16,1773 A group that calls themselves”The sons of Liberty” moved towards the harbor and dumped boxes of tea into the ocean.
  • Coercive acts

    Coercive acts
    Coervice acts were used as a punishmetn or a torture against the 13 Colonies as a way of diciplining them for what they did in the boston tea party.There were 4 acts that were Boston Port Act, the Massachusetts Government Act, the Administration of Justice Act, and the Quartering Act.
  • The First Continental Congress

    The First Continental Congress
    The first continental congress had 12 of the 13 colonies came together to discuss boycotting British goods.There were a lot of significant leaders including John Adams,and George Washington.The first Continental Congress was held in Carpenters Hall,Philadelphia.
  • Battle of Lexington and Concord

    Battle of Lexington and Concord
    The battle of Lexington and Concord 700 British soldiers were marching towards Lexington to find hidden arsenals. Against them were 77 colonial soldiers who are ready to defend their city.In both these battles the battle fought in Lexington was won by the british but the battle in Concord was won by the colonial troops.
  • The battle of bunker hill

    The battle of bunker hill
    The battle of bunker hill was in Massachusetts. Due to the strength of the British forces the colonial soldiers fortified the hill with wood and,sand. Although the colonial soldiers needed to retreat due to the advantage of high ground the 13 colonies suffered way less casualties compared to the British forces.
  • Battle of Quebec

    Battle of Quebec
    The battle of Quebec was a major defeat for the American forces including General Benedict Arnold's life.For the British side this battle only costed them 19 casualties out of 1800 of the forces deployed in Quebec.For the Americans this battle costed them 515 people out of 1200.
  • Declaration of Independence

    Declaration of Independence
    The declaration of Independence was A written document that tells every other country and especially Britain that the United States of America will govern itself. This was after the Armed conflict between the 13 colonies and the Great Britain also known as the American revolution.
  • Battle of Valcour Island

    Battle of Valcour Island
    Battle of Valcour Island was a naval battle between the 13 Colonies and British forces in Valcour Island.This battle ended by a British victory.The battle ended with 11 of the ships destroyed on the 13 colonies side and only 3 ships destroyed on the British side.
  • Battles of Saratoga

    Battles of Saratoga
    The battle of Yorktown was won by the colonial militiamen and was a crushing defeat for the British.The battle was fought for 28 days and had 2 battles which are the battle of Freeman's farm,and the Battle of Bemires Heights.
  • Battle of Paoli

    Battle of Paoli
    The battle of Paoli was a surprise attack on the Colonial Militiamen.The commanders were Anthony Wayne for the 13 colonies and Charles Grey. The British were outnumbered by almost 2000 men but the British suffered only 11 casualties while the colonial militiamen suffered 272.
  • Articles of Confederation

    Articles of Confederation
    The articles of Confederation was used to make bonds stronger with the with the sovereign states or countries with a monarchy and create a central government that didn’t have a lot of power but was still there for the states.
  • Battle of Monmouth

    Battle of Monmouth
    The battle of Monmouth was a battle between the British forces and the 13 Colonies’ militiamen. The commanders were Charles Lee,George Washington,and on the British side Henry Clinton. The battle was only a few hours and ended by 6:00pm with a victory for the 13 colonies.
  • Baylor's Massacre

    Baylor's Massacre
    Baylor's Massacre was a Surprise attack that ended with a british victory on the colonial Militiamen. This was a battle that ended with no casualties on the british side bit with 69 casualties out of 116 colonial militiamen on the Side of 13 colonies.
  • Battle of Hobkirk's Hill

    Battle of Hobkirk's Hill
    The Battle of Hobkirk's Hill was a very strange battle with at least 60 people who are missing to this day.It is debated which side has won the battle but the numbers are in the favor of the 13 colonies side with 221 casualties and 249 on the British side.
  • Battle of the Chesapeake

    Battle of the Chesapeake
    The battle of Chesapeake bay was a battle between the French with approximately 24 ships and the British with about 19 ships. This battle was fought in Virginia capes in Virginia, modern day United States Of America Or USA.This battle ended with a French Victory.
  • The siege of Yorktown

    The siege of Yorktown
    The siege of Yorktown also known as the battle of Yorktown was the battle where the British forces Led by Charles Cornwallis Surrendered To the forces of George Washington and the French on October 19th. It is said that this battle was the last major battle of the American Revolution.
  • The treaty of Paris

    The treaty of Paris
    The treaty of Paris was signed to end the American revolutionary war. Some names that were included during the singing are King George III,John Adams,John Jay,and Benjamin Franklin are just a few.This treaty was in the favor of the 13 colonies.