American immigration

By BotAmar
  • The naturalization act

    allows any white person of "good character", who has been living in the US for two years or longer to apply for citizenship. nonwhite residents are deniad basic right. e.g. right to vote, own property or testify in court
  • The first U.S. census

    3.9 million, mostly English, but also 1/5 Americans of african heritag
  • Steerage act

    Immigrant overwhelm major port cities, like Philadelphia, NYC or Boston. Many arrive sick and die from their long journey in harsh conditions.
    --> US passes the Steerage act of 1819 ,requiring better conditions arriving on ships.
  • Period: to

    Irish Immigrant Wave

    1/3 of immigrants from 1820 - 1860/3 are Irish. Also 5 million Germans
  • Know-Nothing Party

    first anti-immigrant political party forms, because of the amount of Irish and German settlers
  • Immigration laws

    Supreme court declares that it's the responsibility of the federal government to make and enforce immigration laws