American History B Timeline

  • Telephone

    The first telephone was invented
  • The radio

  • The first american car

    this is when the first american car was made
  • The Great Migration

    emancipation proclamation came into law and the African americans wanted to get as far away from the South as they could
  • the 18th amendmant

  • 19th amendmant

  • Emergency Qouta ACT

    A bill that the government passed limiting the number of immigrants
  • Immigration Act

    A more thorough bill that let's 2% of any given nation's immigrant population.
  • Television

    The first television was released to the press
  • Franklin D. Roosevelt was elected president

  • the 21st amendmant

  • The hoover dam was constrcuted

  • the first programable computer

  • Gi bill of rights was signed by FDR

  • The frisbee was invented

  • the internet

    the internet statred when sputnik launched his first satelite.