American Cultures 2: Riley

By cn13cr
  • 8 Hour workdays

    8 Hour workdays
    All workers required to work 8 hour days
  • Transcontinental Railroad Completed

    Transcontinental Railroad Completed
    Golden spike driven into railroad to finish The railroad
  • Standard Oil Of Ohio

    Standard Oil Of Ohio
    John D. Rockefeller forms Standard Oil of Ohio
  • The Great Chicago Fire

    The Great Chicago Fire
    Claimed 250 Lives and destroyed one third of the city
  • Arrested for Attempting to vote

    Arrested for Attempting to vote
    Susan B. Anthony and other females arrested for attempting to vote in Rochester, New York.
  • Financial Panic of 1873

    Financial Panic of 1873
    There's a Financial Panic, Over 5,000 business's fail
  • America's First Kidnapping For Ransom

    America's First Kidnapping For Ransom
    Charley Brewster Ross is kidnapped from in front of his house, and Is taken for random, his body is never found.
  • Invention Of Barbed-Wire

    Invention Of Barbed-Wire
    Barbed-Wire keeps Cattle on the Great Plains Safe, while others struggle.
  • Patented Telephone

    Patented Telephone
    29 year old Alexander Graham Bell patented the telephone.
  • Phonograph Invented

    Phonograph Invented
    Thomas Edison Invents the Phonograph
  • Internal Combustion Engine

    Internal Combustion Engine
    Carl Benz makes first car with INternal Combustion Engine
  • Invention of Light Bulb

    Invention of Light Bulb
    Thomas Edison invents the first Light Bulb!
  • Population Rise

    Population Rise
    America's population has now hit 50 million people.
  • Century Of Dishonor

    Century Of Dishonor
    Helen Hunt Jackson's book Century Of Dishonor is released.
  • Chinese Exclusion Act

    Chinese Exclusion Act
    Congress passes the Chinese Exclusion Act, Barring Chinese Immigrants for 10 years.
  • Standard Time Born

    Standard Time Born
    United States and Canada adopt standard time.
  • Birth of The Skyscraper

    Birth of The Skyscraper
    First 10 story hgh rise in Chicago, birth of the Skyscraper.
  • Statue Of Liberty

    Statue Of Liberty
    Glover Cleveland unveils the Statue Of Liberty.
  • Johnstown Flooding

    Johnstown Flooding
    Johnstown, Pa is flooded killed over 2,200 people.
  • Population Rise

    Population Rise
    American population hits 62 million and rising.
  • Sitting Bull killed

    Sitting Bull killed
    Indian police kill Sitting Bull in South Dakota.
  • Wounded Knee Massacre

    Wounded Knee Massacre
    Wounded Knee Massacre happens, kills many.
  • Angry Mobs

    Angry Mobs
    Mobs in New Orleans break into prison and kill 11 Immigrants in rage.
  • Populist Party

    Populist Party
    Populist Part founded in Cinncinati, Ohio.
  • Stolen Land

    Stolen Land
    900,000 Acres of land taken form Native's and givent o white settlers.
  • Voting Populist

    Voting Populist
    Populist party nominates James Baird Weaver for President.
  • Supreme Court

    Supreme Court
    Supreme Court strikes down Income Tax.
  • Battleship Maine

    Battleship Maine
    battleship Maine blows up while anchored in Havana, Cuba.
  • American Citizenship

    American Citizenship
    If you born in America your a legal American citizen regardless of where your parents were born.
  • Annexing Hawaii

    Annexing Hawaii
    Pressident McKinley Annexes Hawaii.