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Amendments 11-27

By 1025409
  • Amendment 11

    Amendment 11
    The 11th Amendment justifies power over foreigns, and limits the ability of citizens to be able to sue states in federal courts and/or under federal laws.
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    Amendments 11-27

  • Amendment 12

    Amendment 12
    The 12th Amendment change the way that presidents were elected.
  • Amendment 13

    Amendment 13
    The 13th amendment gets rid of slavory.
  • Amendment 14

    Amendment 14
    The 14th Amedment explains exactly what citizenship is and it contains the, privlige and imunity, the due process, and the equal protection clauses.
  • Amendment 15

    Amendment 15
    The 15th amendment gets rid of law that says only white men can vote so that black and all other rases of men can vote too.
  • Amendment 16

    Amendment 16
    The 16th Amendment makes a law that the federal government is allowed to collect income tax.
  • Amendment 17

    Amendment 17
    The 17th Amendment creates the election of senetor by letting the people vote for a senator.
  • Amendment 18

    Amendment 18
    The 18th amendment made it illeagal to drink alcohol.
  • Amendment 19

    Amendment 19
    The 19th Amendment is about getting womans sufferage. Which means that woman can vote.
  • Amendment 20

    Amendment 20
    The 20th Amendment, also known as the "lame duck" amendment, changes the dates of the term commencements for Congress AND the President.
  • Amendment 21

    Amendment 21
    The 21st amendment repeals the 18th Amendment so that drinking alcohol was legal. They did this because it almost started another civil war.
  • Amendment 22

    Amendment 22
    The 22nd Amendment limits the amount of time that the same person can become president, They can't be elected more than twice.
  • Amendment 23

    Amendment 23
    The 23rd Amendment gave the people who lived at the district the right to be able to vote for president.
  • Amendment 24

    Amendment 24
    The 24th Amendment gets rid of revocating votes because the poll-taxes were not payed off.
  • Amendment 25

    Amendment 25
    The 25th amendment states that if a president dies durring the time that he his president then the vice president takes over.
  • Amendment 26

    Amendment 26
    The 26th amendment makes a law that anyone over 18 can vote.
  • Amendment 27

    Amendment 27
    The 27th amentments says there can be no laws stating that congress salery increases or decreases until the next election.