Amazing discovery for Electricity

  • Period: May 7, 1500 to


  • William Gilbert

    William Gilbert
    William Gilbert suggested that there were 2 kinds of electricity around 1600. He rubbed glass and silk together which made a vitereious charge. He rubbed amber and fur which made a resinous charge. His experiments proved that objects with the same charge repell.
  • Thales

    Thales was a greekman, who discovered static electricity around bce 600. He discovered it, by rubbing a peice of amber and wool together and then the grasses flew up, and stuck to the amber.
  • Benjamin Franklin

    Benjamin Franklin
    Benjamin franklin use a kite and and key to prove that elctricity was in motion. He also made a lightning rod in the same year, and placed it on his house. When the lightning struck, the rod was short circuted so it hit the ground but it left the house untouched.
  • Gulvi Galvani

    Gulvi Galvani
    In 1786, Gulvi Galvani found a connection between elctricity and the movement of muscles. He discovered this, by accidentally, that a dead frog's leg sudenly moved when a spark of electricity shocked it. After many reaserches, he found out that muscles moved because of electricity.
  • Alessandro Volta

    Alessandro Volta
    The first battery was made in 1800 by Alessandro Volta. He made it when, he made it by making the first electrochemical cell. Although it was well tested that time, it was still very dangerous to hold.
  • Hans Oested

    Hans Oested
    In 1820, Hans Oested ( from Danish) discovered that if an electric current flowed through a wire, it created magnetic field.
  • Alexander Graham Bell

    Alexander Graham Bell
    Alexander Graham Bell invented the first telephone on 1876 at the age of 29. He and Elisha Grey, They both had the same idea at around the same time. They both wanted to put a patent on it but Alxander Bell got it first.
  • Thomas Edision

    Thomas Edision
    The first lightbulb was made supposingly by Thomas Edision. But it was accutually made by Henry Woodward, a Canadian inventor. He first thought up of it and made it and putted a patent on it. But then Edison bought the patent and improved it.
  • John joseph Wright

    John joseph Wright
    John joseph Wright ( a canadian) invented the electric car in 1883. It was the first one to be ever made and it was very good, but it didn't turn out as he thought as it was.
  • Frederick George Creed

    Frederick George Creed
    Frederick George Creed ( a canadian) invented the teleprinters to decode the morse code.
  • Donald Lewes Hings

    Donald Lewes Hings
    the first Walkie talkie was invented by Donald Lewes Hings ( a canadian) in 1940. He made it in Ottawa.They mainly used it in the milataries at that time, but soon after other people started using them too.
  • Richard Keefer

    Richard Keefer
    In 1967, a 17 year old boy, called Richard Keefer ( from Ontairio)invented a battery that could run on garbage. It lasted for a very long time but costed the same as a normal battery. It was recharged by sugar!