Alyssa W.- Carl Sandburg

By cnruncw
  • Born in Galesburg, Illinois

    Born in Galesburg, Illinois
    He was always the son of Swedish immigrant of August and Clara Sandburg. He was the second of two sons, first of the hard working.
  • Quit School

    Quit School
    He quit school following his 8th grade graduation. Then worked variety of jobs such as railroad jobs, delivered milk, harvested ice, shined shoes. Until he traveled as a hobo.
  • Spanish/ American War

    Spanish/ American War
    He volunteered to serve in the war.He battled the heat and mosquito's. Until he broke out.
  • West Point

    West Point
    He attended West Point for 2 weeks before failing his math and reading entrances exams.
  • Chicago Move

    Chicago Move
    He moved to Chicago and became an editor writer for a newspaper called Poetry: A Magazine of Verse.
  • Moved home

    Moved home
    He moved back home to Galesburg and went to Lombard college, he left without a degree. He started writing poetry.
  • Marriage

    He met his wife Lillian Steichan on the Social Democratic Party
  • First Daughter

    First Daughter
    Their first daughter Margaret is born and is a child prodigy.
  • First Publish

    First Publish
    He got his first poem published in the newspaper he was editing. Poetry: Magazine of Verse.
  • Second Daughter

    Second Daughter
    Their second daughter Janet is born. The first months of her birth he wrote letters to her
  • Hired

    He got hired to for the Newspaper Enterprise Association to write his poems.
  • Third Daughter

    Third Daughter
    Their third daughter Helga was born.
  • Pulitzer Prize

    Pulitzer Prize
    He won three Pulitzer Prizes.
  • Home National Historic Stie

    Home National Historic Stie
    His home cottage is now a national home historic site.
  • Last Move

    Last Move
    They moved to Connemara in Flat Rock, North Carolina.He continued to produce poetry a little over third of he's total published work. He lived with his wife, three daughters, and two grandchildren.
  • Death

    He died form natural causes at age 89. His ashes were put under the "Remembrance Rock" a granite boulder behind his birth house in Galesburg.