Alicia augusta ball

Alice Ball

  • Alice Ball was born in Seattle, WA

  • Moved to Hawaii

  • Moved back to seattle

    due do the death of her grandfather
  • Graduated high school

  • Attended the University of Washington

    She earned her batchelors degree in both pharmeseutical chemistry and pharmacy.
  • Attended the University of Hawaii

    Earned her masters in chemistry and became the first African American and the first woman to graduate from UH.
  • Began research with Dr.Hollmann

    searching for an effective treatment for leprosy
  • Created an effective leprosy treatment

    developed a method to isolate ethyl esters of fatty acids in chaulmoogra oil, which made it injectible and leprosy treatable.
  • Death of Alice Ball

    cause of death is suspected but unknown
  • method tested, published and credited

    the method developed by Ball was not recognized as a treatment until after her death, and remained the go-to treatment until 1940.