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Alexander the Great

By dan47
  • 323

    Alexander dies

    Alexander dies after falling very ill. He dies in babylon.
  • Period: 323 to 356

    Years (B.C)

  • 324

    The Susa Weddings

    The Susa Weddings
    A mass marraige ceremony is held and Alexanders forces his troops to marry asian woman to promote more unity in his army.
  • 324

    The exiles Decree

    The exiles decree is written and signed
  • 325

    Revolts in Bactira.

    The revolts in Bactria occur forcing alexander to send men to deal with this problem. Alexander reaches Patala, builds harbor and dockyards to serve his ships. He later marches through the Gedrosian Desert and many men die due to the terrible crossing.
  • 326

    The battles in India

    The battles in India
    Alexander fights several important battles in this year in India. He wins all of them though only just as his opponent Raja Porus fights him with elephants which the greeks had never seen before. Alexander takes the towns of Taxila, Hydaspes and Hyphasis.
  • 327

    Alexander gets married

    Alexander marries Roxanne who is said to be the most beautful women in all of asia minor. There marriage also means that he becomes more popular amongst the asia minor towns he has conquered.
  • 327

    Alexander heads towards India

    Alexander heads towards India after recruiting 30,000 troops from asia minor to serve in his army. The consipracy of the pages also occurs during this time and several men are excuted for an attempt at killing Alexander.
  • 330

    The Death of Darius

    Alexander has his men track down Darius and he is killed. In his place the new ruler is Bessuss.
  • 331

    The battle of Guagamela

    The battle of Guagamela
    The battle of Guagemela sees the return of Alexander and Dairus's battle. This battle sees Dairus fleeing and he is not seen for many years. Alexandria is also founded at the start of this year.
  • 332

    More towns are siezed

    More towns are siezed
    Alexander captures more towns on his conquest. The most notable in this year being the capture of Tyre which took nearly all year and saw Alexadner lose alof of men .He also captured the town of Gaza.
  • 333

    The battle of Issus

    The battle of Issus
    This is the first huge battle that alexander wins. It is at this point that surronding cities start to fear alexanders power.
  • 333

    The Gordian knot

    Alexander solves the riddle of the gordian knot thus proving his wisdom and likleyhood of becoming a powerful force.
  • 334

    Alexander heads into asia minor

    Alexander heads into asia minor
    During this year he also wins the Battle of the Granicus River against Darius III of Persia. Siege and capture of Miletus also occurs.
  • 335

    Alexander begins his campaign

    Alexander begins his campaign
    Early spring: Alexander goes north to deal with Thrace and Illyria.
    The Revolt of Thebes also takes place in this year.
  • 336

    Death of King Philip

    Murder of Philip.
    Alexander accedes to the throne of Macedonia to become the new king. Some sources say Alexander was involved in his fathers death.
  • 343

    Alexander is tutored

    Aristotle invited to Macedonia as Alexander's tutor.
  • 356

    Birth of Alexander

    Birth of Alexander
    Alexander is born at Pella, Macedonia. He is son to King Philip II and Olympias. The exact date of his birth is unknown.
  • Alexander wins joint battle with philip

    Alexander wins joint battle with philip
    Alexander helps his father win the Battle of Chaeronea.
  • Alexander starts chasing Bessuss

    Alexander begins chasing Bessuss through Asia Minor, specfically through Bactria and Drangiana
  • Bessus surrenders

    After a year long chase bessus finally surrenders to Alexander and then is executed. Alexadner appoints himself ruler of asia minor.
  • Alexander in western Asia minor

    Campaign against Spitamenes who is the ruler of the western side of asia minor.
    The murder of Cleitus the Black also occurs during this year.