Alexander th Great

  • 323


    He developed fever and died.
  • 324

    Alexander came back to his hometown

    When Alexander comes back to his hometown he finds it out of order and restores the order
  • 324

    His best friend dies

    When he was preparing to invade Arabis, Carthage and Rome but his friend Hephaiston died.
  • Period: 324 to 356

    Alexander the Great

  • 331

    Conquered Persian capital

    He conquered th Persian capital and now he had collected 3,000 tons of gold.
  • 333

    Alexander deafeted the Persians in the battle of Issus.

  • 334

    Defeats Persians by the river Gracinus

    He defeats Persians in a surprise attack by the river Gracinus.
  • 356


    He was born in th capital of Maacedonia
  • Alexander led calvary into battle

    HE led a calvary into battle and conquered Thebes and Athens.
  • His father died and alexander became the new king.