Alexander Popov

  • The birth of the inventor.

    The birth of the inventor.
    Alexander Stepanovich Popov was born March 4, 1859 (16 March 1859) in the Urals in the village Turinsky Mines Verkhotursk district of the Perm province
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    In 1873 he entered the seminary in Perm. After graduating from secondary classes Perm Theological Seminary (1877), Alexander successfully passed the entrance exams for the Physics and Mathematics Faculty of St. Petersburg University.
  • University

    In November 1882 Popov graduated from university and after defending his thesis on "The Principles of dynamoelectric machines DC" (January 1883) received a diploma candidate.
  • Radio

    May 7, 1895 Popov made ​​a presentation at a meeting of the Russian Physical and Chemical Society in St. Petersburg and in action demonstrated their communication devices. It was the birthday of the radio.
  • Radio

    Winter 1899-1900 gg. telecommunication devices Popova survived a serious examination, they were successfully applied to the salvation of the battleship "General-Admiral Apraksin" crashed near the island of Hogland.
  • Death

    Popov had to contend with royal officials for the democratic rights of students. This has undermined the strength of the scientist, and he died January 13, 1906 So prematurely ended the life of a scientist whose genius has given mankind radio.