Alexander Hamilton

  • Birth

  • Period: to


  • Speech

    Delivered a speech attacking the British policies in New York
  • College

    Attended Colombia University obtaining a bachelor's degree in the arts
  • 'Hearts of Oak'

    Joined a New York volunteer militia company 'Hearts of Oak'
  • Company's Captain

    Was commissioned captain of the New York Provincial Artillery Set Company
  • Battle of the Long Island

    Participated in the Battle of the Long Island
  • Battle of Monmouth

    He fights at the battle of Monmouth
  • Freeing of Slaves

    Hamilton writes to John Jay, suggesting that slaves be recruited to fight, and freed.
  • Marriage

    Marries Elizabeth Schuyler
  • Quarrels/reconciles with Washington

    Hamilton quarrels with Washington, and resigns from Washington's staff. Later, he reconciles with Washington, and fights at Yorktown.
  • Continental Congress

    Was elected into the Continental Congress where he made the national government stronger
  • Federalist Essays

    The Federalist is published in book form
  • U.S. Secretary

    Appointed as the first U.S. Secretary of the Treasury
  • Writing

    Hamilton writes his "First Report on the Public Credit" and his "Report on a National Bank."
  • Affair

    Hamilton writes Observations on Certain Documents, publicly admitting his affair with Maria Reynolds; blackmailed.
  • Appointed a major general in the U.S. Army

  • Congress

    Alexander Hamilton disbands the army at Congress's direction.
  • Daily Newspaper

    Established a daily newspaper 'New-York Evening Post'
  • Death

    He was shot by Burr twice causing mortally woundage