Alexander graham bell and the telephone

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  • Birth

    Alexander graham bell was born. He was born in Edinburgh, Scotland.
  • Period: to

    Alexander graham bell and the telephone

  • New Name

    New Name
    Bell adopts the name Graham out of admiration for Alexander Graham, a family friend, and becomes known as Alexander Graham Bell.
  • Teaching

    Bell begins teaching music and elocution at Weston House Academy in Elgin, Scotland, and receives instruction in Latin and Greek for a year.
  • Brother death

    Brother death
    Younger brother Edward Bell dies of tuberculosis at the age of 19.
  • Teaching deaf

    Teaching deaf
    Bell begins teaching speech to the deaf at Susanna Hull's school for deaf children in London.
    Bell attends University College in London.
  • Brother death

    Brother death
    Older brother Melville Bell dies of tuberculosis at the age of 25.
  • Boston university

    Boston university
    Boston University appoints Bell Professor of Vocal Physiology and Elocution at its School of Oratory. Mabel Hubbard, his future wife, becomes one of his private pupils.
  • Phone sketch

    Phone sketch
    In Brantford, Ontario, Bell first conceives of the idea for the telephone. Bell's original sketch of the telephone Bell meets Thomas Watson, a young electrician who would become his assistant, at Charles Williams's electrician shop in Boston.
  • Egagment

    Mabel Hubbard and Bell become engaged to be married.
  • Patend

    United States Patent No. 174,465 is officially issued for Bell's telephone.
  • Demonstration

    Bell demonstrates the telephone for Queen Victoria.
  • Company merg

    The Bell Telephone Company merges with the New England Telephone Company to become the National Bell Telephone Company.
  • New kite

    New kite
    Bell invents the tetrahedral kite, whose shape of four triangular sides would prove to be light, strong, and rigid.
  • Death

    Alexander graham bell died. He died in Baddeck, Nova Scotia, Canada, because of diabeties complications.