Alexander graham bell

Alexander Graham Bell

  • Birth

    Alexander Graham Bell was born in Edinburgh.
  • Period: to

    High School

    He was educated at Edinburgh Royal High School.
  • Period: to


    He graduated from University College and Edinburgh University.
  • Lectures

    Bell taught diction at the School of Vocal Physiology and Speech Techniques in Boston.
  • Professor

    Although Bell was not a college graduate, he was appointed Professor of Vocal Physiology and Diction at Boston University for his achievements in research.
  • Period: to

    Invention of Telephone

    Bell and Watson dealt with harmonic telegraphy and voice signal transmission. Bell and Watson's work was successful as a result of a coincidence. During the work, Bell knocked over a liquid-conducting vessel and called Watson as follows: "Watson, come here. I want you!" Watson heard Bell's voice over the wire and the telephone was invented.
  • Electric Telegraph

    Development of senders and receivers of electrical telegraphs.
  • Telephone Telegraph

    Development of senders and receivers of electrical telegraphs.
  • Telegram Improvement

    Telegram Improvement
  • Period: to

    Entrepreneurship and Invention

    During this period, Bell ventured out and established his own Bell Telephone Company. In these early patent wars, the company has grown considerably. Over 150,000 people in the US have owned a phone.
  • Gramophone

    He created a technology for sound recording equipment with gramophone and tape recording.
  • Interstate Phone Call

    Bell was invited to make the first transcontinental phone call in January. From New York to San Francisco, he spoke to his former partner, Thomas Watson.
  • Death

    Bell died peacefully with his wife in Nova Scotia, Canada. At his funeral that day, every phone in the North American continent was silenced for one minute in his honor.