Alexander Graham Bell

  • Birth

    Alexander Graham Bell was born on this day in Edinburgh, Scotland
  • Civil War Begins

    The Civil War begins in 1861
  • Alexander Melville Bell Develops Visible Speech

    Alexander Graham Bell's father, Alexander Melville Bell develops Visible Speech, which is a series of symbols that represent all of the sounds a human can make. This further increases Alexander Graham Bell's interest in speech and its science.
  • Moves to Canda

    In 1870, Alexander moved to Brantford, Ontario, Canada with his family. They moved there because both of Bell's brothers had died of teburculosis, and they were in search of a healthier place to live.
  • Bell Thinks of the Idea of a Telephone

    Summer 1874: Bell first thinks of the idea of the telephone while in Canada. He draws his original sketch of the invention. During the summer Bell also meets Thomas Watson, who will become his main assistant in creating the device.
  • Patent Issued for the Electric Speaking Telephone

    The U.S. Patent office issues bell a patent for his new invention. Bell continues to improve the telephone after this, however.
  • The First Words are Broadcast over the Telephone

    The first words using the telephone are heard when Bell called for Watson saying, "Mr. Watson -- Come here -- I want to see you."
  • Bell Telephone Company is Formed

    Alexander Graham Bell, Thomas Watson, Gardiner Hubbard, and Thomas Sanders form the Bell Telephone Company.
  • Bell Gets Married

    Alexander Graham Bell is married to Mabel Hubbard.
  • Bell has a Daughter

    Elsie May Bell, Alexander's first child, is born on this day.
  • Bell has 2nd Daughter

    Marian Bell, Alexander's second child, is born on this day.
  • Bell's 1st Son Dies

    Bell's 1st son, Edward, dies shortly after he was born on this day.
  • Bell's 2nd Son Dies

    Alexander's second son, Robert, dies on this day shortly after he was born.
  • Long Distance Phone Line from New York to Chicago Opens

    Bell participates in the opening of the first long distance phone line from New York to Chicago. Phone lines had been popping up everywhere accross the country for many years since the Bell Telephone Company started.
  • World War One Begins

  • First Transcontinental Phone Call

    Bell takes part in the firts transcontinental phone call with Thomas Watson. The call was made from New York to San Francisco.
  • The Roaring 20s Begin

  • Alexander Graham Bell Dies

    On this day in 1922, Alexander Graham bell passes away. He is buried at his summer home in Nova Scotia