Alessandro Volta timeline

  • Where Volta was born

    Where Volta was born
    Volta was born inComon, Northen Italy in this year.
  • What Volta did

    What Volta did
    When Volta was 14 he decided to become a Physicist.
  • Professor of Physics

    Professor of Physics
    Volta was directed of the Royal school in Comon and the following year he became professor of Physics.
  • Mystery Gas

    Mystery Gas
    While Volta was visiting the local swamp he observed to "mystery gas" which known back then was swamp gas. This gas was able to this the latins.
  • Scientific circles

    Volta was well known in the scientific circles and then we was appointed Propfessor of Physics.
  • Experiment in progress

    Votla demonstrated an experiment using a coin, some foil and his tounge.
  • Another experiment

    In this year Volta demonstrated the combination of different metals and soulitions.
  • Home

    Volta returned home in Comon and saw his parents.
  • Volta passed away

    Volta passed away
    Voltra passed away and then the term (Volta) is based on his name.