Alessandro Volta

  • Birth

    He was born this day in Como, Italy, and educated near this place in public schools. Volta's parent's names were Filippo and Maddelena Volta. His full name was Alessandro Giuseppe Antonio Anastasio Volta, but he was known as Alessandro for short.
  • Period: to

    Alessandro Volta

    Alessandro Volta was born in Como, Northern Italy. He made the first battery, published books on his ideas, and tought people what he had found out about electricty and batteries. He died near Como at the age of 82.
  • Studying

    At the age of 14, he decided to study electricity and published two books of his ideas. This helped him to invent the battery. It also gave others an idea on what he was thinking, and how electricity works.
  • Professor of the Phisics

    Professor of the Phisics
    Volta got the job as professor of the phisics in the Royal School in Como. While he was at this school, he had another invention. It was a device which made static electricity. it was called the Electrophorus. This was done in 1774.
  • Swamp Gas

    Swamp Gas
    Volta had an idea. It was to do with the swamp near his house. While the swamp was bubbling away, Volta got some of the gas from the swamp and set it on fire. It burned very well, so he used it to power a gas lantern.
  • University of Pavia

    University of Pavia
    Volta became Professor of the Physics at the University of Pavia. He had that position for more than 25 years.
  • Experimenting with a frog's leg

    Experimenting with a frog's leg
    Volta thought that a frogs leg twitched because he made a connection between a silver coin, a piece of foil and the solution in the frog's leg. This was one of the steps to Volta's success of discovering electricity.

    Volta made the first ever battery. He taught people what he had found out about different metals and circuits. He showed people how a battery works and the things included in a circuit.
  • Retirement

    Volta retired to his family, back in Como. He had done his job and couldn't go any furthure. Volta hoped that professors would use his work and read his books in order for them to keep his knowledge going until today. And they did!
  • Death

    Volta died on this day. The term `volt' came after his name. The battery is still running today, and it almost powers everything. It was a good thing Alessandro Volta invented the battery!