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Alessandro Giuseppe Antonio Anastasio Volta

By zo3_007
  • Born

    Alessandro Volta was born in Como, Northern Italy in the year 1745.At this time Alessandro lived with his parents. Their names are Filippo and Maddalena.
  • Period: to

    Alessandro Giuseppe Antonio Anastasio Volta

  • Studied electricity

    Studied electricity
    Alessandro began to study electricity in 1769 and published his own two books of ideas.
  • Director of the Royal School in Como

    Director of the Royal School in Como
    In the year 1774 Alessandro volta was appointed Director of the Royal School in Como.The next year he became the professor of physics.
  • Alessandro Volta

    Alessandro Volta
    in the year 1776 While Alessandro was visiting local swamps, He disscoverd a mystery gas but back then it was known as swamp gas. This gas was used to light gas lanterns. Alessandro was the first person to disscover swamp gas.
  • professor of Physics

    professor of Physics
    Alessandro became a well known scientific person, he was appointed to professor of physics at the university of Pavia a position he held for apparently more then forty years.
  • Animal Electricity

    Animal Electricity
    Alessandro thought that frogs legs twitched. Because the solution in the frog leg made a connection between two metals. He used a coin and foil all placed on the frogs tongue. Alessandro called this 'animal electriciy'.
  • First electric battery

    First electric battery
    Alessandro demonstrated that the combantion of different metals and solutions could produce an electric current.He developed his first eletric battery.
  • Retired

    Alessandro Volta retired to his home in Como.
  • Died

    Alessandro Volta died on the 5 of March 1827 because of his discovery the term 'Volt' is used in batteries and electricity. Volt because it is based on his name.