• seed planting

    Tiny tobacco seeds are planted and coveres with pine branches to keep warm
  • Period: to

    Growing tobacco

  • forests where cleard

    during the winter,forests were cleared to make new tobacco fields. tobacco ruined the soil after four or five years and new fields had to be constantly prepared.
  • Transplanting tobacco

    After about two months in the seed beds,the tobacco plants where big enough to transplant.In preprration for planting,the soil in the fields where hoed into big mounds or hills .each tobacco plant was set on a hill/mound to give it pleanty of growing space.
  • Getting rid of pests

    As the tobacco grew in the fields it had to be checked for tobacco worms.the only way to remove the worms is to pick them offeach leaf.weeds growing around the plants had to be pulled.if their had been little rain,the plants had to be watered