Albert Espinosa

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  • He was Born

    He was Born
    Albert Espinosa i Puig was born on 5 november of 1974 in Barcelona, he is an industry enginyer, a playwriter, cinema writer and television, actor and director of theater in cinema català.
  • Studies

    At 19 he began to study Industrial Engineering (Chemical industry) in the School of Industrial Engineering of Barcelona (ETSEIB) of the Polytechnic University of Catalonia. The center was one of the members, along with other students, amateur theater group of ETSEIB, which at that time (mid-nineties) was known as "The Theatre Group", immediately, or later "Enginyteatre".
  • Other Works

    He directed, writed and acted in a theater company called Pelones, and as columnist for the Newspaper of Catalunya and colaborated for various radio programmes
  • Debut

    On February 23 he debuts in the alternative theater comedy Barcelona Tantarantana of Idaho and Utah (lullabies for babies ), written, directed and starring Espinosa himself, and set in a near future where they invent a pill to stop of sleep indefinitely. The play was revived in April 2007 in Madrid (National Drama Centre).
  • Book he wrote

    Book he wrote
    He was the author of the book El Món Groc and of the novel Tot El Que Podriem Haver Estat Tu i Jo Si No Fossim Tu i Jo.
  • Films

    He wrote, directed and started in the film No em demanis que et faci un petó perquè te'l faré, he also writed such films like Planta 4a, Tu vida en 65 minutos i Va a ser que nadie es perfecto.
  • Awards he get

    Awards he get
    He won the Newcomer award for his role in the series Abuela de verano.
  • Polseres Vermelles

    Polseres Vermelles
    In January 2011 TV3 began the broadcasting the TV series Red Bracelets, written by Albert Espinosa.
  • Another Award

    Another Award
    He also won the best script award for Herois.
  • Period: to


    He suffered metastasis and was also required to removal of a lung (14) and the liver (24). In total, he spent ten years in hospitals, and that life experience has served as inspiration for some of his plays , literary, film and television scripts.