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Albert Einstein's life

By hbot
  • The big birth

    The big birth
    Mr. Einstein (pictured) is born to Hermann and Pauline Einstein
  • Period: to

    Al's life

  • The right way to go

    The right way to go
    Einstein posseses his father Hermann's (pictured) compass, and starts to become a scientist
  • a universal university

    a universal university
    einstein (far right) founds the olympia university with his friends
  • The miricale years

    The miricale years
    Einstein and Alfred Kleiner (pictured) finish their theory of thermodynamic fluctuations
  • Nazis take their toll

    Nazis take their toll
    Einstein is declared #1 enemy to the nazis, his house is raided, and a german officer uses Albert's butter knife as "evidence"
  • nail eclipsors

    nail eclipsors
    Artur Stanley Eddington proves Einsteins theory that light bends
  • so young, yet relatively old

    so young, yet relatively old
    Einstein... Dies in his sleep from a blood rupture ;(
  • One smart brain-cookie

    One smart brain-cookie
    His brain is revealed after being stored in a tupperware box in a rental car