Flag of alabama

Alabam; 1930-1940

  • Census of Alabama; 1930

    State population= 2,646,248.
    White population= 1,700,844
    African-American population= 944,834 Month and Date is Approx
  • Scootsbourough boys arrested

    Scootsbourough boys arrested
    Nine black youths, soon to be known as the Scootsborough boys. They were Charged with raping two white women on a freight train and convicted by an all white jury
  • Tennessee Valley Authority Act

    Tennessee Valley Authority is act created to develop resources of poor Appalachian South, including large parts of northern Alabama
  • Bankhead Cotton Control Act

    The Bankhead Cotton Control Act is passed to boost the price of cotton by limiting the amount of cotton a farmer could sell.
  • Jesse Owens Wins First Gold Medal

    Jesse Owens Wins First Gold Medal
    Jesse Owens wins his first gold medal at the 1936 Olympics in Berlin, Germany. But German leader Adolf Hitler ignored the star athlete because he was black.
  • State sales tax created

    The State sales tax is created to help fund better education.
    Month and Date is Approx
  • Bankhead-Jones Farm Tenancy Act

    The Bankhead-Jones Farm Tenancy Act was passed to provide federal loans to farm tenants so they could buy land.
  • 1940 Federal Census

    -State population= 2,832,961.
    -White population= 1,849,097
    -African-American population= 983,290
    -As you can see, the white population has increased by 150 000, and the african american population has only increased by 30 000
    Month and Date is Approx