Air transportation from 1900-2012

  • Kitty Hawk

    Kitty Hawk
    Kitty HawkThe Kitty Hawk was the first plane that flew with a person in it. It was a biplane. Orville and Wilbur Wright invented the Kitty Hawk. This biplane had a 12 horse power engine with the wingspan of forty feet.
  • Flyer II

    Flyer II
    Flyer II
    Orville and Wilbur Wright also created the Flyer II. This was an upgrade from the Flyer I and had an improved engine. The Flyer II was the first plane to fly over 5 minutes.
  • Flyer III

    Flyer III
    Flyer III
    The Flyer III was also invented by Orville and Wilbur Wright. The Flyer III could turn, bank, circle, fly figue eights and can stay airborn for more than half an hour.
  • Curtiss C46 Commando

    Curtiss C46 Commando
    The Curtiss C46 CommandoThe Curtiss C46 Commando is a both an airliner and a friegther plane. A larger number of them were built as transports for the US Military during World War 2. The Curtiss C46 Commando has a max speed of 435 km/h.
  • Douglas Dc7

    Douglas Dc7
    The Douglas DC-7Douglas' largest and last piston engined airliner was the DC-7. This piston engine airliner and freighter was one of the first airliners capable of nonstop travel between New York and London. Today only a small number of Dc7's are currently used.
  • Boeing 727-223

    Boeing 727-223
    Boeing 727-223The Boeing 727-223 has a 3 Pratt & Whitney Jt817 engines with 16,000 pounds off thrust in each engine. It can go up to 2,800 miles .
  • Tupolev Tu-204

    Tupolev Tu-204
    Tupolev Tu 204The Tupolev Tu-204 is a medium range airliner built in Russia. The Tupolev Tu-204 has a crusing speed of 810km/h to 850km/h.
  • B-2 Spirit

    B-2 Spirit
    B-2 SpiritThe B-2 is fighter plane that can seat up to three people. It has a max speed of 1103km/h. It has four engines and the weight maximum of 181437 kg.
  • Euro Fighter Typhoon

    Euro Fighter Typhoon
    Euro Fighter TyphoonThis plane has 2 engines with a range of 1390km/h. The arnament contains 1 cannon 27mm, 6500 kg with payloads, and15 types of rockets
  • V-22 Osprey

    V-22 Osprey
    V-22 OspreyThe V-22 Osprey is a fighter plane made by the USA. The max speed for the Osprey can go 510 km/h. It has 2 engines and can hold up to 3 crew members.