Afghanistan-The Kite Runner

Timeline created by rileyosullivan60
  • Wake of World War 1

    British defeated in third Afghan-British war. Afghan fallen behind rest of world and become Independant nation.
  • Afghanistan becomes a monarchy

    Afghanistan is claimed a monarchy by Amanullah as it was a emiratre.
  • New King

    Get a new king named Zahir Shah, as he rules for 40 years.
  • Afghanstan recognized

    The United States formally recognizes Afghanistan.
  • Britain withdraws

    Britain withdraws from India, creating the predominantly Hindu but secular state of India and the Islamic state of Pakistan. The nation of Pakistan includes a long, largely uncontrollable, border with Afghanistan.
  • Kings Cousins

    The pro-Soviet Gen. Mohammed Daoud Khan, cousin of the king, becomes prime minister and looks to the communist nation for economic and military assistance. He also introduces a number of social reforms including allowing women a more public presence.
  • Afghanistan gets help

    Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev agrees to help Afghanistan, and the two countries become close allies.
  • Women attend university

    As part of Daoud’s reforms, women are allowed to attend university and enter the workforce.
  • Afghan party

    The Afghan Communist Party secretly forms. The group’s principal leaders are Babrak Karmal and Nur Mohammad Taraki.
  • Last king overthrown

    Khan overthrows the last king, Mohammed Zahir Shah, in a military coup. Khan’s regime, the People’s Democratic Party of Afghanistan, comes to power. Khan abolishes the monarchy and names himself president. The Republic of Afghanistan is established with firm ties to the USSR.