Adam Sandler

  • Birth

    Adam Richard Sandler was born on September 9th, 1966 in Brooklyn, New York. He was raised in a Jewish family by Stanley and Judy Sandler. Adam Sandler Website
  • Early Life

    Early Life
    When he was five years old, his family moved to Manchester, New Hampshire. Where he attended Manchester Central High School. Manchester High School Webpage
  • New York University

    New York University
    He nutured his comical talent at New York University. There he performed at campuses and clubs. New York University
  • Graduation

    Sandler graduated from Tisch School of the Arts in 1988. Tisch School of the Arts
  • Sandler's First Appearence

    Sandler's First Appearence
    Adam Sandler played Smitty on the Cosby Show. (1988-1989)
  • Saturday Night Live

    Saturday Night Live
    In 1990, Adam Sandler became a writer for SNL, and became a featured player the next year. He got fired from the show in 1995. Saturday Night Live
  • Billy Madison

    Billy Madison
    On February 10th 1995, one of Sandler's most classic and famous movies was released. "Billy Madison." This is one of my personal favorites.
  • Happy GIlmore

    Happy GIlmore
    Following the huge success of "Billy Madison," Sandler produced another successful movie: "Happy Gilmore."
  • Water Boy

    Water Boy
    Sandler made another successful movie, "Water Boy."
  • Happy Madison Productions

    Happy Madison Productions
    In 1999, Sandler started his own production ocmpany, "Happy Madison." He took the two names of the movies, "Billy Madison" and "Happy Gilmore" to create "Happy Madison." The man in the "Happy Madison" logo is said to be Adam Sandler's dad.
  • Big Daddy

    Big Daddy
    Sandler Produces "Big Daddy," yet another classic.
  • Mr. Deeds

    Mr. Deeds
    Adam Sandler in "Mr. Deeds." This is the all-time best movie besides "Anchorman."
  • Sandler's Marraige

    Sandler's Marraige
    On June 22nd, 2003, Adam Sandler married Jacqueline Samantha Titone.
  • Charity

    Sandler made a $1 million donation to the Boys and Girls Club" in his hometown Manchester, New Hampshire.
  • Grown Ups

    Grown Ups
    In Mid 2010, Sandler starred in his most successful movie to date. "Grown Ups."